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Week Beginning 4th May

Communication, Language and Literacy

Listening and Speaking Skills:

Do you know any rhymes? Teach one of them to someone at home. 


Listen carefully to these words - can you find the one that doesn't rhyme with the others? Remember to listen carefully to the sound at the end of the word:

tree, bee, pin, three


What rhymes or poems do you say at home? Find a copy of your favourite rhyme or poem  and send it to Miss Townson. 


Use the cards below or draw your own pictures on pieces of paper. Play a matching game Can you match two picture cards together that rhyme  - for example 'fox' and 'box'. 


Rhyme Time

This week our Nursery Rhyme is, Incy Wincy Spider. 



Make your own spider to act out the rhyme. 



Gather some pots and pans and play them whilst you sing the rhyme. 

Can you play it fast? Can you play it slow? Can you play it loudly? Can you play it quietly?



Add actions to the Nursery Rhyme. 



Perform the rhyme for your toys or your family. 



Make up your own rhyme about a different inscet.

Incy Wincy Spider Craft Ideas

Number Time

Count the insects.

How may bees are there?

How many butterflies can you spot? 

Can you count all of the caterpillars? 

How many ladybirds can you find?

How many flowers?


In a shallow tray or plate of flour or sand, use your finger to write a numeral from 0 to 10. Challenge a family member to identify the number. Then ask them to write a number for you to identify. 


Number of the Week

Ask a grown up to write the number 2 on  pieces of paper. Can you trace over the number with your finger? You could try writing the number 2 on your own. 


Draw a picture of a teddy bear. Draw 2 circles; one for teddy;s head and one for his body. Then draw 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, and 2 furry ears. Draw 2 buttons on his tummy too!


Teddy would like a pair of new socks. 'Pair' sometimes means  a group of 2 things. Can you draw a pair of socks for teddy? How many socks did you draw? Can you use 2 different colours to decorate the socks?


Ask a grown up to help you cut some food in halves. Try cutting a small cake in half, right down the middle. How many pieces are there? Try this with some other food too. Make one cut across the food and see how many pieces you have. You could try this with an apple, a cookie, a pizza or a baked potato. 


Use some empty packaging to make a model dragon, bird or areoplane. Make sure your model has 2 wings - one on each side. Miss Townson would love to see your creation. Email Miss Townson or tweet your pictures to the schools Twitter account. 

Number Rhyme

Music and Movement 

Curl into a round ball shape, tucking in head, hands and feet like a snail in its shell. Move one knee forward, then the other to crawl with slow, smooth movement.

Scavenger Hunts

Symbols are pictures that give us information. While you are out for your daily exercise, how many different signs and symbols can you spot? Take a photo and email them to Miss Townson.