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Week Beginning 11th May

Number Time

Can you find the number 3 anywhere in your house? Ask a grown up to write the number 3 on a piece of paper, can you trace over the number with your finger? You could try writing a number 3 of your own. Use chalk or water and paint brush to write the number 3 outside on the wall, patio  or pavement. 


Make collections of three objects such as 3 pencils, 3 socks, 3 teddies, 3 cars etc. (Remember to put them all back when you are finished!)


Triangles are shapes that have 3 straight sides. Can you cut some triangle shape out of paper? Use your triangles to make pictures, what pictures can you make? can you make a fish pictures using 3 triangles? Use a big triangle for the body, a smaller triangle for the tail and an even smaller triangle for a fin. Email Miss Townson a photo of your pictures. 


Have a look at a clock. Can you see the number 3? What numbers are next to the number 3? On a school day, what happens at around 3 o'clock? What are you doing while at home around 3 o'clock?


Lots of Traditional Tales have sets of three characters, can you think of any? Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Three Little Pigs. Read some of these stories with a grown up and draw a picture of your favourite. 


Make a smoothie or a fruit salad with a grown-up. Can you add 3 different types of fruit? Try making a yummy smoothie using strawberries, banana and a mango or a fruit salad of apples grapes and pears. 

Maths Challenge

Draw 11 simple shapes on a piece of paper. Number the shapes from 0 to 10. Place a toy on to a numbered shape and ask some one at home to tell you the number.  Were they correct? Can they place the toy on a numbered shape for you to identify? 

Scavenger Hunt