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Preschool Home Learning

Finger Gym

Start each day with finger gym activities. These help develop the skills that will help with pencil grip and writing skills. Have a go at the Dough Disco on Spread the Happiness TV. If you don't have any play dough at home, there are recipes online to make your own or you can do some of the moves using a sponge. 

Harold's Daily Diary

Keep up to date with how Harold, from the Life Education Van, is and find out what he is getting up to while the schools are closed. Harold will update his diary every day to let you know how he is staying happy and healthy whilst at home. You could write a postcard to Harold and let him know what you’re up to. Why not start your own diary. You can email your diary once a week to Miss Townson and let her know how you are staying happy and healthy at home.