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Welcome to our Home Learning page. 

We have compiled a list of useful websites that you may want to use to help your child during their absence from school. 

The staff will be updating their Class pages regularly and you will also be able to email your child's classteacher any completed work that they will be able to respond too as long as they are well! 

Hopefully you will have received the Home Learning packs that the teachers have created and there is a wealth of links to websites and activity ideas on the links in the other Home Learning pages. 


As a reminder, when your children are using the internet to research information or complete a task please ensure that they are doing so safely. Please find some links below to help with Online Safety. 


Some Top Tips to help you! 


Our Ten Top Tips


Spend time outside if you can! Each day, no matter the weather, try and get some exercise, go for a walk, go on a nature trail, play in the back garden (if you have one!) or jump in muddy puddles!


Limit screen time – use technology sparingly and as a reward if needed


Try to find a balance between focused, independent and practical activities – our teachers will upload weekly suggestions


Allow children to have their own ‘free time’ for their own ‘play’


Encourage children to help out with the chores and jobs at home


Try to keep as much structure as possible so the children know what to expect each day


Play as many family games as you can, encourage turn taking and counting


Where possible, encourage quiet times of the day when children can read or enjoy quiet colouring or puzzles


Check our school website on a weekly basis for new suggested activities teachers upload


Keep it simple and fun and be flexible – it doesn’t need to resemble school