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Oak Class

Lockerbie Manor October 2023


We have arrived safely and have  already enjoyed two activities, as well as a delicious tea. 

Team games involved lots of running in the rain and lots of giggles.  Whereas climbing was our first big challenge. ALL children attempted the wall and reached some rather dizzy heights. 

Team Games

Day 2 - Group 1 - raft building

Group1 - Low Ropes

Group 1 - Crate Stack

Group 2 - Crate Stack

Group 2 - High Ropes

And at the end of a busy day we have had a lovely campfire with lots of singing, riddles, jokes and toasted marshmallows. Let’s hope the children are tired enough to sleep well tonight😴😴

A very wet morning to start today but thank goodness for a little bit of sunshine. All the children have thoroughly enjoyed their time on the lake. Well done everyone xx👍😍

Group 1 - Initiative Games

Group 1- Blind Trail

Group 2 - Survival

Group 2- Low Ropes

Happiness all around

Group 1 and 2 - Rifle shooting

Group 2 - Paddle Boarding

Group 1 - Aeroball

Group 2. - Aeroball

To finish the day we have had a fabulous evening walk through the 🌳 forest. The children have had another fabulous day and are a credit to us. They have manners, fabulous behaviour and great little characters that we don’t get to see in the classroom. Well done Oak Class love you xxx 😘

Quiz time

And finally , well done Oak Class you’ve been fabulous xxx

Academic Year 2021 - 2022


Welcome to Oak Class.


This year our teacher is Mrs Townley and our teaching assistant is Miss Joynson.


Our Class page will show you the different types of activities we enjoy in years 5 and 6.

Transition Information from the School Nursing Service


Due to the Covid pandemic the school nurse (Virgin care) has been unable to facilitate the School Health Needs Assessment process with the Year 6 children this year. As a result of this it has been agreed that they would provide a power point presentation for pupils to watch based on the transition to secondary school and some of the challenges this may bring. 

The aim is for the children to have the opportunity to watch this at home and we would encourage you to watch this with your child. 

The presentation also contains details on how to access the service if further information or support is required. 

Week commencing 13th July


 Welcome back to our final week of the summer term. 

English this week is based on Pixar clips, have fun x😁

Week Commencing  the 6th July


Today we have welcomed back 10 of our year 6 and it is lovely to see all their smiling faces. 
For those who are unable to join us, this is the work we will be covering over the week. 



English - Vindictive Villains

Week Commencing 29th June


What a wet weekend we have just had! I hope you are all keeping well and still working hard at home. Thank you Tia for sending me some of your work on the Space Race, I look forward to receiving some more work this week , who will rise to the challenge?



This week we continue to look at space, have fun!


Remember to look at Whiterose Maths for your teaching powerpoints and for help if you get stuck.


Week Commencing 22nd June

Hello Class 4, hope you are all staying safe and still smiling.  Just a reminder to scroll down and access the learning for The impact of War and Earth and Space. Feel free to email finished work or send updates .


Thank you 🙂🌈



Explore what is in our Solar System, the famous ‘Space Race’ and the thrilling, true survival space story – Apollo 13 

Apollo 40th Anniversary - Apollo 13 Animation

Apollo 13 Apollo 13 was the third Apollo mission intended to land on the Moon, but a mid-mission oxygen tank rupture severely damaged the spacecraft and forc...




Week Commencing 15th June




Find out what it takes to survive in the jungle, read a real-life jungle survival story and dive into Katherine Rundell’s thrilling novel, ‘The Explorer’.




Week beginning 8th June








This week explores all things to do with health, hygiene and heroes.

Week Beginning Monday 1st June.


Welcome back Class 4, I hope you have all had a lovely half term and are enjoying the lovely sunshine. We continue to work in school, with just a few key worker children and were really looking forward to welcoming some of you back today, but obviously this has not happened.

 Hopefully we will see you before the end of the year-  so keep all your fingers and toes crossed.

Maths -  1-5th June

We have subscribed to White Rose Maths for you  to continue with this super resource for your home learning.

There are worksheets for you to complete each day attached to this page, but if you go to the home learning page on White Rose Maths first, there is learning video for you to watch, that will help you to complete all the tasks.




This week your activities are based on the book "Wonder."

Follow the links and daily tasks. Remember you can email any work you would like to share with me to

Week beginning 18th May


Please find your English home learning for this week below.

Week Beginning 11th May


Hi Class 4, I hope you are well and staying safe. This week your English is based on inventions and for our maths I'd like you to do another week of white rose math that you haven't done yet, which may be from the spring term. Have fun!!


If this isn't available, have a go at some of these arithmetic tests. 

Week Beginning 4th May

Hello again Class 4. Here is this week's English Home Learning. Have a go at White Rose Maths Summer Term Week 3 for your year group. 

Keep smiling, eat chocolate and stay safe! 

Mrs Townley

Week Beginning 27th April 2020


Hi Class 4 , I hope you are all keeping well and aren't getting too fed up at home! I hope you all enjoyed the English work on Ancient Greece .

This week your work is 'It's magic!'

Remember you will find  Week 2 on  the White Rose Maths website.

Have fun and keep learning!!!

Mrs T xx

Here is the English Home Learning for the week beginning 20th April 2020.

Follow the links each day to see your tasks and remember, if you would like to, you can send Mrs Townley any work you have completed.

Home Learning


For home learning ideas see the home learning page link below.




Please read every day for at least 20 minutes. Talk  about what you have read and found out about different characters and events, describe the settings and emotions and try to predict what will happen next.



Think about your favourite story. Can you retell it using your most exciting vocabulary, best spelling and handwriting? Try adding speech (using inverted commas) , question marks, exclamation marks, colons,  semicolons, apostrophes and commas.



Please practise your times tables, including division and multiplication facts. Practise all the different arithmetic skills we have learned, look at the papers you have already done for ideas.

The wider curriculum 

Below you will find lots of interesting sites to explore.


Remember to keep up to date with all the latest news on twitter .

We’ve been looking at the process of burning and learning about irreversible processes!

Dance with Kate

Aspire not to have more, but to be more.

These are the words of Oscar Romero. He spoke out against things that he knew were wrong. 


Space Polymers

Wicked Workshops

Something magical happened in our school hall this morning! A pharaoh made his way back from the land of Two Fields to help us learn about the wonders of Ancient Egypt. We helped him build his pyramid and learned all about the gruesome practice of mummification. 


How many different shapes can you identify , label and classify? We all worked really hard to identify all the different shapes today and realised shape is tricky ! 
In science today we were doing experiments for our topic of forces, we were looking at gravity and forming craters.
Welcome back Class 4 September 2018