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Physical Education

At Our Lady of Lourdes we aim to give children a well-rounded physical education. Children are taught how to master the basic fundamental movement skills and then apply these to a game situation. We provide opportunities for children to be more active within school time as well as encouraging children to be more active outside of school.  We aim to ensure children are given the skills to succeed in all sports and encourage cooperation, competitiveness and playing fairly. We teach children to be safe in the water and swim at least 25 metres. We allow opportunities for learning outdoors both within and outside of the school grounds. Every child is given the opportunity and confidence to represent their school. Furthermore, we ensure each child is aware of what is needed to live a healthy life both mentally and physically.

Our curriculum has been tailored to suit the needs of our children, using the Lancashire planning to support this. Fundamental movement skills are taught in Key Stage One and built upon within Key Stage Two. All children complete 2 hours of PE each week and extra-curricular clubs are offered for all age groups. Children partake in two different units of work each half term. In Key Stage Two children swim for one of their sessions for half of the year. Two members of staff are present in each P.E lesson allowing all children to make greater progress and ensuring support for all children. Skills are developed in all areas games, dance, gymnastics, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities.

The pupils’ knowledge of PE is collected using the PE Passport App. The development of their knowledge of PE can also be collected through discussions, classroom walkthroughs, lessons observations and work scrutinies. At the end of each unit of work, children will complete a core task that enables staff to properly assess children’s learning.

PE Curriculum Map