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Look at these free resources that have been made available by One Day Creative Online. 
click on the link below and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Then let your teacher know what you have learnt. 


We're Taking Learning Online, Join Us (it's Free!)

One Day Creative is going online and releasing free short sessions for use by teachers, parents and caregivers, via our YouTube Channel. Here is our National...

Stained Glass Window Colouring Competition


Physical Education

Activities that you could do with your child.


You may consider...

  • some sort of physical activity - the Chief Medical Officer recommends that children do at least 60 minutes a day. 
Over the last few weeks, the school games organisers have been putting together some ideas for PE. Please find these below. 

Design a kit competiton


  1. Print the document above off or complete on Paint on your computer.
  2. Once you have finished  email/take a photo etc and send it back to Mrs Dewar -
  3. The top 5 from each Key Stage will receive some sports equipment and they will be showcased.
  4. The deadline to enter this competition is Friday 22nd May 2020.



Lancaster and Heysham Sports Network Activities


Please  look on the websites below for fun PE ideas, including the O-loo-impic Games’, to keep you active! 






Enjoy your family time exercising! Complete the above activities and email them back to me ( to gain a certificate. 

The Home Activity Pack


Below is a home activity pack to complete. Have fun!




Activities you could do with your child


  • Draw out your family tree - ask questions of different family members to see how far you can trace your family back
  • Make a poster about your grandparents - call them on the phone and ask them questions about their life. 




Scouts - the Great Indoors

While they normally love the great outdoors, they’ve pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas. Keep your kids learning new skills and having fun (and avoid hearing ‘I’m bored’ every 30 seconds) all in #TheGreatIndoors

Free Daily Resources for Children