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Prayer & Liturgy

"For you are precious in my eyes" 


Isaiah tells us that we are made by God and we are unique and special. It is God’s word that we hear and work hard to follow in things that we say and in things that we do. 


In our prayer and liturgy we use Scripture as a starting point, with God’s word as the focus of our prayers and thoughts.  Opportunities are provided to use the Scriptures to celebrate and gather together so we can demonstrate the glory of God in our lives.


Across school, prayer time is a time for reflection as well as worship, with words from Scripture inspiring the pupils to think and reflect deeply on what God's word means for us today, in our everyday lives.


As children move through school, they take an increasingly active role in planning and leading prayer & worship. This is a responsibility which our children welcome and respect, sharing the word of God thoughtfully and reverently with their peers.

Ten:Ten Newsletter December 2023


This year, the season of Advent falls wholly in the month of December. It’s a time of busyness at home and at school with plenty to enjoy; nativity plays and carol services, lights and decorations, plans to visit friends and family… It can sometimes be easy amongst all the fun and excitement to forget what Advent is really about - a time to pause, reflect, and get ready to welcome Jesus into our hearts.


This newsletter shares a glimpse of some of the prayer and liturgy resources that children will experience at school during this month. We hope you find this resource to be a useful addition to your family prayer time.