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Week Beginning 20th April

Communication and Language 

Instrumental Sounds

  • As you listen to a story or rhyme, use some instruments or noise makers to add sound effects to the story. Think about how the instruments could be played to make different effects. Can you make a loud noise and a quiet noise?
  • Do you have any musical instruments at home? As an adult to show you how to play the instrument. Take a photo or draw or draw a picture of your instrument. If don't have any instruments, you could make your own! Like a simple shaker or drum. 
  • Play a listening and copying game using a small set of instruments. Play a sound  for another person to copy. Try to make loud and quite sounds. Can you make simple sound patterns?
  • Create a musical show to perform. Use a variety of instruments and noise makers and create a show for your family. Make a musical pattern using a variety of different sounds. 


Letters of the Alphabet

Sing the alphabet song. Can you create your own alphabet? Look for letters around your house or out in the community when you go for your daily walk. When you find a letter say its name. Take photos of the letters you find and create your own alphabet.

Rhyme Time

This week learn the Nursery Rhyme, Humpty Dumpty. 


You could make your own Humpty Dumpty to act out the rhyme. 


Gather some pots and pans and play them whilst you sing Humpty Dumpty. Can you play it fast? Can you play it slow? Can you play it loudly? Can you play it quietly?


Can you fill in the missing words when your adult sings the song?

Humpty Dumpty sat on the ....

Humpy Dumpty had a great....

all the kings horses and all the kings ...

couldn't put Humpty together .....


Add actions to the Nursery Rhyme. 


Perform Humpty Dumpty for your toys or your family. 




Use bricks, Lego or cardboard boxes from the recycling to build a wall for Humpty Dumpty to sit on. How many of your toys can sit on the wall with him? 


Creative Crafts:

Decorate a hard boiled egg. You could use paints or felt tips and stick on different materials. Send me photos of your decorated eggs. 

Number Time

Ask a grown up to write the numerals 0 to 10 on pieces of paper and hide them around the room or your garden. Go on a hunt for all the numbers. Each time you find one, tell a grown up which number you have found. Once you have found all of the numbers, can you put them in order 0 to 10?

Challenge: Grab a timer, can you find all the numbers before the time runs out?


Number of the Week 

Look at a phone, computer keyboard or calculator. Can you find the number zero?  It looks like a circle or oval shape.  Ask a grown up to write the number 0 on a piece of paper. Can you trace over the number with your finger?  Can you write some 0s of your own too.  


There are 3 apples on a tree. If all the apples are picked, how many apples would be left on the tree?  Draw a picture or use some apples from the fruit bowl to help you. Your grown up could help you with other problems similar to this. 


Zero is in lots of numbers. Do you know what these numbers are; 10 and 100? Zero is often used in the year number too. Can you or a grown up write down the year, does it have any zeros in it? Can you or a grown up write the year you were born, does this have any zeros in it?



Music and Movement 

Scavenger Hunt

If you don't have a garden or can't get out, then look for things around your house. You could draw the items instead of finding the real item. Why not have a competition, every one in your family names an item, you win the point if you think of something different to your family members.