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Week Beginning 22nd June

Communication, Language and Literacy

Bing Crosby - The Teddy Bear's Picnic (1950)


Practise these tricky words:

More   before   other    were


This weeks tricky words are:


because   want


This week we are looking again at the /ai/ sound. We can write this sound using /ay/ and /a_e/. 

Can you read these words?


day   May   pray   play   
bake   shake   game   gate



This week the sound we will be looking at is /wh/ for /w/


can you read these words?


whisk   white  whisper  wheel

whale  whisk  wheat  what

Write a sentence using these words. 


Can you read these sentences?


The wheels on the bus go round and round.

The big blue whale lives in the sea.

I can use a whisk to mix.

what is your name?



Now use these words to write your own






Author Julia Donaldson Narrator Juna Dutta Ghosh

Music and Movement