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Outdoor Learning

Take Your Child's Learning Outdoors


Playing Games – Outside:

  • Outdoor games such as 'what time is it Mr Wolf?’ring a ring a roses, follow my leader, pirate ship, jungle game etc. (see website below)
  • Play games such as hopscotch, noughts and crosses, 10 green bottles, outdoor snakes and ladders, etc.
  • Create simple treasure hunt games with clues and instructions to follow….let the children make up their own and then verbally give the instructions and clues. This could include drawing and following a simple map or messages in bottles.
  • Setting up an outdoor gym with instructions for each station ….star jumps, running on the spot, arm lifts with water bottles, etc. Get the children to add their own ideas and verbal instructions.
  • Make a simple obstacle course with verbal instructions….ask the children to create their own using vocabulary such as under, through, over, around, in front of, behind.


Daily Walks – at home or in the school grounds:

  • Talk about the features around them….human (buildings – school, houses, shops,) road crossings, signs, etc. and physical (field’s trees, hedges, hills, forest/woods, river, pond, etc.)
  • Describe the plants, flowers, birds, trees, houses, buildings they can see around them….do this on different days and make simple comparisons.
  • Take pictures on the walk and then share these together later – describe the journey and what they saw.


Websites to support some of these activities: