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Week Beginning 18th May

Communication, Language and Literacy

Enjoy some of your favourite traditional tales. Find out about good and bad characters, follow recipes and join in with nursery rhymes.


Practise these tricky words:

was       to      do      are      all


This weeks tricky words are:


Where      who      which 


This week we are looking at the /oo/ sound.

Can you read these words?


Zoo       moo     soon        moon      spoon     food      boot     roof     hoot

Write a sentence using these words. 


We can also write the /oo/ sound as ‘ue’. Can you read these words? 

blue      glue      fuel      value      statue      rescue

Write your own sentence using some of these words.


We can also write this sound as ‘ew’. Have a go at reading these words. 

few    skew    fewer    skewer    grew    drew    flew    pew    threw    blew 


My plant grew and grew. 
I threw a ball.

The bird flew past. 

We blew bubbles.

Now use these words to write your own sentence. 




Music and Movement


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