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Week Beginning 25th May

Communication, Language & Literacy


Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne
Come and meet Handa and some of the cheeky animals who pinch her fruit!



Practise these tricky words:

you      come      your      some 


This weeks tricky words are:

any      many 

These words are tricky because the 'a' is making a /e/ sound. The 'y' is making its /ee/ sound too. 


This week we are looking at the /ou/ sound. Do you remember the action? 

Can you read these words?

cloud      shout      proud      mouth      out      loud 

count      found      round      sound      south      crouch

Write a sentence using these words. 


We can also write the /ou/ sound as 'ow'

Have a go writing the sound. Remember we go around the orange for the 'o' and down up, down up for 'w'. Write it in the air, with chalk , with water and a paint brush on the pavement, in the sand or salt or even flour in  a tray or with pencils on paper. 


Can you read these words?

owl      town      cow      flower

how      now      down      crown      crowd      brown      clown


Have a go at reading these sentences. 

The brown cow sat down. 

There was a crowd in town. 

How are you?

Clowns are funny.

Now use some of these words to write your own sentence. 

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