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Health & Sports Week

This week we have enjoyed lots of  activities based around keeping healthy and sports.  We began by choosing a country, playing in the Euros, and have looked in detail at their country and culture, particularly the food they grow and eat. 
We have :

  • Made PowerPoints all about Spain 
  • Tried Spanish foods


  • Looked at the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and created a fact file about him 
  • Made a print block out of a potato and used it to print
  • Designed our own Bruschetta as a Tapas dish
  • Made two different Bruschetta using a variety of cooking skills and of course enjoyed eating them!
  • Looked at what makes up a healthy meal and sorted foods into the different sections
  • Looked at our favourite meals and how we could adapt it to be more healthy
  • Had our annual sports day in our bubbles, but enjoyed watching each other from a distance