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Week Beginning 11th May

Communication, Language and Literacy


Practise all the sounds in your sound book. Practice reading and writing these Tricky Words:

me      we       be        was

This week are tricky words are:

what        when        why 

Monday: Can you tell  me what this sound is?




Remember the mixer goes ’errrrrrrr’. 


Read these words:

herd          winter         letter      runner

Can you think of your own words that have the /er/ sound? Sound them out and have a go at writing them.


Tuesday: recap yesterday’s phonics. Read these sentences, don't for get your reading wand!  

This is her sock.

Is it under my bed?

I have a sister.

He found silver coins.


Write a sentence using on of the /er/ words. Send Miss Townson a picture of your writing. 

Wednesday: recap Monday’s /er/ sound and this weeks tricky words. 

There are different ways to write the /er/ sound , 'ir’ makes the /er/ sound in some words. Try reading these words;

bird        first        skirt      shirt        twirl        dirt


Read the sentences together.

Please Sir!

 The girl has a skirt.

Stir the pot.

He was third.

I am thirsty.


Thursday: Practice all of your sounds and the tricky words above.

We can also make the /er/ sound  like this ‘ur’. .

curl     hurt     turn     burger     burn     church     burst     turnip

Have a go at writing this sentence:

We went to church. 
The bag burst.


Friday:Practice reading this weeks tricky words and all the sounds in your sound book. Practice writing the tall letters:

b d h k l t 


Physical Development 

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