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British Values

British Values in the EYFS


In school we promote British Values. The core British Values are:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Mutual Respect
  • Individual Liberty 
  • Tolerance of those of different Faiths and Beliefs


In Class 1 we show the British Values in different ways including:

  • We know that we are all special.
  • We treat everyone equally. 
  • We take turns and share.
  • We are polite.
  • We practice are table manners. 
  • We understand right from wrong. 
  • We follow rules.
  • We listen to others and value and respect their opinions and values. 
  • We work together and help one another. 
  • We vote for who represents us on the School Council.
  • We can make our own choices in school.
  • We choose what we learn about.
  • We can choose different areas to learn in and can help ourselves to all the different things that we think we need.
  • We learn about the world around us. 
  • We visit places in our local community. 
  • We enjoy learning about other faiths and cultures from around the world. 



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