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Physical Development

Physical Development


Physical Development is split into two areas, Moving and Handling and Health and Self Care. 


  • Grab some play dough and get down to the dough disco to build fine motor skills needed for writing skills and using tools. 
  • Practise writing your name.
  • It’s important to be active every day, get moving and exercise using your whole body to develop gross motor skills.
  • Move to the music and add actions to the songs as you listen to BBC school radio.
  • Getting dressed independently 
  • Make healthy choices and get involved with making meals at home
  • Practice good hygiene including washing hands and toileting independently

Activities During School Closures 


LIVE Dough Disco on  YouTube channel (Spread the Happiness TV) week days 9.30am and 1pm. Lots of home learning ideas for children age 2 to 6 to engage with. Subscribe to the channel and it will alert you to when they go live each day.