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Week Beginning 27th April

Communication, Language and Literacy

Listening and Speaking Skills:

Listen to some music, can you clap along with the beat?

How many different sounds can you make with your mouth?

Ask a grown up if they remember any playground clapping games from when they were at school. Ask them to teach it to you. 


Mark Making:

Look at the letters in your name, trace each letter with your finger.

Write each letter on a small piece of paper. Mix them up or hide them, then try to put the letters in the correct order. 

Look for the letters in your name in the environment. Take a photo of the letters and piece the together to spell out your name. 

Decorate your name. 

Can you write you name? You could use your finger to write in in the sand, a tray of rice or salt or why not try shaving foam! You could use chalk or water and a paintbrush outside on the floor not just paint or pencils. 

Rhyme Time

This week learn the Nursery Rhyme, Chick, Chick, Chick Chicken.



Make your own Chicken to act out the rhyme. 



Gather some pots and pans and play them whilst you sing the rhyme. 

Can you play it fast? Can you play it slow? Can you play it loudly? Can you play it quietly?



Add actions to the Nursery Rhyme. 



Perform the rhyme for your toys or your family. 



Make up your own rhyme about a different animal. 

Discussion Time

Look at the eggs, how do think they are feeling?

Why do you think that?  

Why do you think some eggs are happy?

What is making some of the eggs feel sad?

What animal do you think these eggs came from?  Can you explain why you think this? 

Number Rhyme

Number Time

Go on a number hunt! What numbers can you see around your house or on your daily exercise? You could look at door numbers, number plates, on food packets, clocks or in magazines and books. You could take photos or draw pictures of the numbers  you find.


Challenge: Can you find the numerals 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10?


Number of the Week 

Look at a clock, can you see the number 1? Where is it on the clock? What numbers are next to it? 


Look at some postage stamps. Can you see any numbers? Can you make your own first class stamp with 1st written on it?  You could make a collection of stamps that have 1 written on them.


Draw or paint a picture of a sunny day. Can you add 1 sun and 1 cloud in the sky? Can you also draw or paint 1 tree and 1 house? 


Ask a grown up to help you look at some coins. Can you find any 1p and £1 coins? Use some paper and crayons to do some coin rubbings. Can you see the numbers or the word one? 


Have a look at a reading book. Can you find the page numbers?  Find page number 1. Can you see the number 1 on this page too?


Trace over the number 1, 'number 1 is like a stick, straight line down, its very quick'. Try writing the number 1 on your own. 


Music and Movement

Pretend to be a chick hatching fro its egg. 

Scavenger Hunt