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Easter Activities W/C 6th April

Holy Week

Can you put the events in order? Look for the pictures in you pack. 

You could act out the events of Holy Week with your family or by using your toys.

Don't forget to share your photos or pictures with us on Twitter or by email. 


Easter Home Learning Challenges

Watch the clips below and have a go at the following activities. 

Listen to the Easter story. Can retell the story to someone in your family? Draw a picture of the empty tomb.

Watch the clip to see some ways Easter is celebrated.

Why are eggs important at Easter?

You could make your own Easter garden.


Why do hot cross buns have crosses on them?

Decorate your own Cross.

Follow the recipe to make yummy Easter nests then enjoy eating them!

Easter Baking

Easter Scene Biscuits

You will need:

Jammy Dodgers

Rich Tea/Digestive Biscuits

Green Icing


Mini Eggs



Take a rich tea biscuit, spread green icing on it.

Cut a little bit of the jammy dodger so it has a flat edge, stick this in the green icing.

Place an egg either in front of the jam or off to one side, this is the stone in front of the tomb.

Then add sprinkle to decorate the grass, to make it look like a garden.

Split Pin Easter Card

You will need:

2 Paper plates

2 split pins

Coloured paper





Cut a small heart, a circle and a cross shape out of 3 different colours of paper and glue onto a paper plate (heart onto cross, cross onto circle and circle onto plate).

Then cut out an egg shape from another piece of coloured paper and use various stamps/stickers to design your own egg before gluing to a second plate. From there, cut the egg plate down the middle of the egg.

Finally, connect the 2 halves of the egg plate to the cross plate using 2 split pins at the bottom for children to open the egg and find the cross inside.

Sun Catchers

You will need:

Black Paper

Selection of tissue paper



Cut a shape out of the black paper and then glue the different colours onto one side of the black paper. Then hang in a window to see if the sun shines through.

Design your own Easter Egg

You will need:

Items with different textures to choose from

Egg template




Draw an egg shape on a piece of paper.

Choose different textures to apply to your Easter egg.

Shaving Foam Eggs

You will need:

Shaving Cream

Card stock


Tray or box lid

Paintbrush, toothpick or fork (something with a pointy end)


Scraper tool or old gift card



To get started with the messy part, spray some shaving cream onto your tray and spread it around.

Next take the paint and squirt it all over the shaving cream.  Try blobs of paint throughout, or make lines, squiggles, anything you want really, with the paint.

Now for the fun part! Using the pointy end of a paint brush, drag it through the shaving cream and paint making straight lines back and forth. Then do it again, but this time go up and down. The shaving cream will start to get a marbleized look to it. And this would be a fun time to experiment with different tools, like a fork or toothpick.

Take one of your paper shapes and placed it on top of the shaving cream, applying a little bit of pressure so it smooshes into the shaving cream and paint.

Then pull it up and put it in a safe place to sit for a few minutes.

Using some sort of scraping tool, scrape all the shaving cream off the paper.

Let the paint dry for a bit and then your project will be ready to be put on display!