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Photos 2019 - 2020

Class 1 and 2 told the story of the Nativity. Lots of people were on their way to Bethlehem and needed a donkey to help them on their journey. 

Everyone was amazing, Miss Townson is very proud of you all. 

It's Christmas!

It's Christmas! 1
It's Christmas! 2
It's Christmas! 3
It's Christmas! 4
It's Christmas! 5
It's Christmas! 6
It's Christmas! 7
It's Christmas! 8
It's Christmas! 9
It's Christmas! 10
It's Christmas! 11
It's Christmas! 12
It's Christmas! 13
It's Christmas! 14
It's Christmas! 15
It's Christmas! 16
It's Christmas! 17
It's Christmas! 18
It's Christmas! 19
Today, we had Christmas Lunch, it was yummy! We had lots of fun at the Christmas Party. We even had a special visitor! 

We've been very Elf-ful

We've been very Elf-ful 1
We've been very Elf-ful 2
We've been very Elf-ful 3
We have been helping the Elves this week. We designed wrapping paper and made food for the reindeer. 

Come and Celebrate with Us

Come and Celebrate with Us 1
Thank to the Mums, Dads and Grandparents that joined us for mince pies and Christmas Carols. 

Elf Run

Elf Run 1
Elf Run 2
Elf Run 3
Elf Run 4
Elf Run 5
Elf Run 6
Elf Run 7
Elf Run 8

Making Mince Pies with the Elf

Making Mince Pies with the Elf 1
Making Mince Pies with the Elf 2
Making Mince Pies with the Elf 3
Making Mince Pies with the Elf 4
Making Mince Pies with the Elf 5
Making Mince Pies with the Elf 6
Making Mince Pies with the Elf 7
Making Mince Pies with the Elf 8
We've been baking mince pies for our families.

Homes at Christmas

Homes at Christmas 1
Homes at Christmas 2
Homes at Christmas 3
Homes at Christmas 4
Homes at Christmas 5
Homes at Christmas 6
Homes at Christmas 7
Homes at Christmas 8
Homes at Christmas 9
Homes at Christmas 10
Homes at Christmas 11
Homes at Christmas 12
Homes at Christmas 13
Homes at Christmas 14
Homes at Christmas 15
Homes at Christmas 16
We have been thinking about how to get ready for Jesus in our homes in this Christmas. 

Sorry Service with Father John and Class 2

Sorry Service with Father John and Class 2  1
Sorry Service with Father John and Class 2  2
Sorry Service with Father John and Class 2  3
Sorry Service with Father John and Class 2  4
We have said sorry for the bad choices we have made. We are getting our hearts ready  for Jesus at Christmas.


Christmaths 1
Christmaths 2
Christmaths 3
Christmaths 4
Christmaths 5
Christmaths 6
Christmaths 7
Christmaths 8
Christmaths 9
Christmaths 10
Christmaths 11

Jesus' Birthday

Jesus' Birthday 1
Jesus' Birthday 2
Jesus' Birthday 3
Jesus' Birthday 4
Jesus' Birthday 5
Jesus' Birthday 6
Jesus' Birthday 7
Jesus' Birthday 8
Jesus' Birthday 9
Jesus' Birthday 10
Jesus' Birthday 11
Jesus' Birthday 12
Jesus' Birthday 13
Jesus' Birthday 14
We made an Advent Wreath to help count down the weeks until Jesus' birthday. We have been getting ready for Him to come at Christmas. 

Dear Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas 1
Dear Father Christmas 2
Dear Father Christmas 3
Dear Father Christmas 4
Dear Father Christmas 5
Dear Father Christmas 6
Dear Father Christmas 7
Dear Father Christmas 8
Dear Father Christmas 9
Dear Father Christmas 10
Dear Father Christmas 11
Dear Father Christmas 12
Dear Father Christmas 13
Dear Father Christmas 14
Dear Father Christmas 15
Dear Father Christmas 16
Dear Father Christmas 17
Dear Father Christmas 18
Dear Father Christmas 19
Dear Father Christmas 20
We wrote letters to Father Christmas and posted them. We hope he gets them! 

Owl Babies

Owl Babies 1
Owl Babies 2
Owl Babies 3
Owl Babies 4
Owl Babies 5
Owl Babies 6
Owl Babies 7
Owl Babies 8
Owl Babies 9
Owl Babies 10
Owl Babies 11
Owl Babies 12
Sarah, Percy and Bill needed some help building their nest. 

One more

One more 1
One more 2
One more 3
One more 4
One more 5
One more 6
One more 7
One more 8
One more 9
One more 10

Postman Bear's Birthday Party

Postman Bear's Birthday Party 1
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 2
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 3
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 4
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 5
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 6
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 7
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 8
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 9
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 10
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 11
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 12
Postman Bear's Birthday Party 13
Postman Bear asked us to help him get ready for his birthday party. We enjoyed celebrating at his party.

Who lives in a house like this?

Who lives in a house like this? 1
Who lives in a house like this? 2
Who lives in a house like this? 3
Who lives in a house like this? 4
Who lives in a house like this? 5
Who lives in a house like this? 6
Who lives in a house like this? 7
Who lives in a house like this? 8
Who lives in a house like this? 9
Mrs Kendall helped us to make animal houses. 

A walk round Carnforth

A walk round Carnforth 1
A walk round Carnforth 2
A walk round Carnforth 3
A walk round Carnforth 4
A walk round Carnforth 5
A walk round Carnforth 6
A walk round Carnforth 7
A walk round Carnforth 8
A walk round Carnforth 9
A walk round Carnforth 10
A walk round Carnforth 11
A walk round Carnforth 12
Reception went on a walk around Carnforth. They looked at the different types of houses and buildings along the way. 

In the Post Office

In the Post Office 1
In the Post Office 2
In the Post Office 3
In the Post Office 4
In the Post Office 5
In the Post Office 6
In the Post Office 7
In the Post Office 8
In the Post Office 9
In the Post Office 10
In the Post Office 11
In the Post Office 12
In the Post Office 13
In the Post Office 14
In the Post Office 15
In the Post Office 16
In the Post Office 17
In the Post Office 18
In the Post Office 19
In the Post Office 20
Postman Bear ran out of invitations. We took him to the Post Office and helped him buy some more stationary. 

Children in Need

Children in Need 1
Children in Need 2
Children in Need 3
Children in Need 4
Children in Need 5
Children in Need 6
Children in Need 7
Children in Need 8
Children in Need 9
Children in Need 10
Children in Need 11
Children in Need 12
Children in Need 13
Children in Need 14
Children in Need 15
Coming to school in our pyjamas was great! Pudsey need our help to buy and sell cakes at the big cake sale. We made Pudsey ears and masks too. 

In the Post Office

In the Post Office 1
In the Post Office 2
In the Post Office 3
In the Post Office 4
In the Post Office 5
In the Post Office 6
In the Post Office 7
The Three Little Pigs needed our help to write letter to Mummy Pig. We took them to the post office to post them. 


Counting 1
Counting 2
Counting 3
We enjoyed counting the different coloured cars that passed school.

We will remember them ..

We will remember them ..  1
We will remember them ..  2
We will remember them ..  3
We made poppies to remember those who died in the war. 

Welcome - Baptism

Welcome - Baptism 1
Welcome - Baptism 2
Welcome - Baptism 3
Welcome - Baptism 4
Welcome - Baptism 5
Welcome - Baptism 6
Welcome - Baptism 7
Welcome - Baptism 8
Welcome - Baptism 9
Welcome - Baptism 10
Welcome - Baptism 11
Welcome - Baptism 12
Welcome - Baptism 13
Welcome - Baptism 14
Welcome - Baptism 15
Welcome - Baptism 16
We have been looking at how we are welcomed into God's family at our Baptism. We went to church to find out what happens during a Baptism. We made baptismal candles. 

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night 1
Bonfire Night 2
Bonfire Night 3
Bonfire Night 4
Bonfire Night 5
Bonfire Night 6
Bonfire Night 7
Happy Bonfire Night! We made firework patterns in the mark making tray. We talked about ways to stay safe at a bonfire and made some great pictures. 

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs 1
The Three Little Pigs 2
The Three Little Pigs 3
The Three Little Pigs 4
The Three Little Pigs 5
The Three Little Pigs 6
The Three Little Pigs 7
The Three Little Pigs 8
The Three Little Pigs 9
The Three Little Pigs 10
The Three Little Pigs 11
The Three Little Pigs 12
The Three Little Pigs 13
The Three Little Pigs 14
The Three Little Pigs 15
The Three Little Pigs 16
The Three Little Pigs 17
The Three Little Pigs 18
The Three Little Pigs needed our help to hide from the Big Bad Wolf. 


Houses  1
Houses  2
Houses  3
Houses  4
Houses  5
Houses  6
Houses  7
Houses  8
Houses  9
Houses  10
We looked at the features of a house and had lots of fun making our own houses. 
On our walk round school, we found lots of signs of autumn. We used the exciting leaves to make pictures. 

My Shadow and Me

My Shadow and Me 1
My Shadow and Me 2
My Shadow and Me 3
My Shadow and Me 4
My Shadow and Me 5
My Shadow and Me 6
My Shadow and Me 7
My Shadow and Me 8
We explored how to change the shape of our shadows. 

Peace at Last

Peace at Last 1
Peace at Last 2
Peace at Last 3
Peace at Last 4
Peace at Last 5
Peace at Last 6
Peace at Last 7
Peace at Last 8
Peace at Last 9
Peace at Last 10
Peace at Last 11
Peace at Last 12
We used instruments to help us retell the story Peace at Last. We Mr Bear finally got some rest!


Counting 1
Counting 2
Counting 3
Counting 4
Counting 5
Counting 6
Counting 7
Counting 8
Counting 9
Counting 10
Counting 11
Counting 12
Counting 13
This week counted our actions. 


Phonics 1
Phonics 2
Phonics 3
Phonics 4
Phonics 5
We made Pepper, Pepperoni Pitta Bread Pizzas. Yummy!

Germ Busters

Germ Busters 1
Germ Busters 2
Germ Busters 3
Germ Busters 4
Germ Busters 5
Germ Busters 6
Germ Busters 7
Mrs Kendall showed us how to wash our hands properly. We made Germ monsters to remind us why its important to wash our hands.
We made Mrs Large some soup to help her feel better. 

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Is there a Doctor in the house? 1
Is there a Doctor in the house? 2
Is there a Doctor in the house? 3
Is there a Doctor in the house? 4
Is there a Doctor in the house? 5
Is there a Doctor in the house? 6
Is there a Doctor in the house? 7
Is there a Doctor in the house? 8
Mrs Entwistle was feeling poorly. Class 1 helped her to feel better. 

Using Technology

Using Technology 1
Using Technology 2
Using Technology 3
We enjoyed using the iPads and the computers this week. 


Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4
Pattern 5
Pattern 6
Pattern 7
Mr Kendall helped us to find patterns around school. 

Role Play

Role Play 1
Role Play 2
Role Play 3
Role Play 4
Class 1 enjoyed playing teachers and playing some of the games Miss Townson has taught us. 

Fruity Faces

Fruity Faces 1
Fruity Faces 2
Fruity Faces 3
Fruity Faces 4
Fruity Faces 5
Fruity Faces 6
Fruity Faces 7
Fruity Faces 8
Remember to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day to help keep your body healthy.

God Loves Me!

God Loves Me! 1
God Loves Me! 2
God Loves Me! 3
God Loves Me! 4
God Loves Me! 5
God Loves Me! 6
We looked in the box to find a mirror because we are precious to God. We know God knows us by name and loves us all very much. 


Funnybones 1
Funnybones 2
Funnybones 3
Funnybones 4
We enjoyed the story Funnybones. We made skeletons and named the different parts of our bodies. 

Baking Cakes

Baking Cakes 1
Baking Cakes 2
Baking Cakes 3
Baking Cakes 4
Baking Cakes 5
Baking Cakes 6
The Large Family love eating cake so we baked them some. We had to listen carefully to the instructions. As we decorated the cakes, we counted out the sweets. We will be selling cakes at the coffee morning tomorrow.

Shape Hunt

Shape Hunt 1
Shape Hunt 2
Shape Hunt 3
Shape Hunt 4
Shape Hunt 5
Shape Hunt 6
Shape Hunt 7
Shape Hunt 8
Shape Hunt 9
Shape Hunt 10
Shape Hunt 11
Shape Hunt 12
Shapes are everywhere! We found different objects in our classroom that circle or square faces. Triangles were hard to find. 

Five Minutes Peace

Five Minutes Peace 1
Five Minutes Peace 2
Five Minutes Peace 3
Five Minutes Peace 4
Five Minutes Peace 5
Mrs Large had a big bubble bath so we made one for her at school. We used the sponges to wash the elephants. 

Number Fun

Number Fun  1
Number Fun  2
Number Fun  3
Number Fun  4
Number Fun  5
Number Fun  6
Number Fun  7
Number Fun  8
We did lots of counting and spotting numbers this week.

Story telling

Story telling 1
Story telling 2
Story telling 3
Story telling 4
We used the instruments to tell the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. 

Visit to Church

Visit to Church 1
Getting ready for Mass on Thursday, we went to see Father John in Church, We had lots of fun exploring. 

Toast Fridays!

Toast Fridays! 1
Friday is toast day! we enjoyed spreading our own butter and jam on our toast at snack time. 


Dinosaurs  1
Dinosaurs  2
Dinosaurs  3
There were some dinosaurs loose in the outdoor area today. Quickly we had to build a safe house to protect ourselves. 

Exploring School

Exploring School 1
Exploring School 2
Exploring School 3
Exploring School 4
We all have a special name. We explored school, looking for different names. 

Sparkle Sparkle

Sparkle Sparkle 1
Sparkle Sparkle 2
Sparkle Sparkle 3
Meet our new friend, Sparkle Sparkle the Snail.

Our First Day of School

We had lots of fun making friends and exploring our classroom. After such a busy day, some of us were in need of a nap!