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Understanding of the Word

Understanding of World


Understanding of the World looks at People and the Communities, The World Around Us and Technology. 


People and the Communities:

  • Talk about past and present family events by looking at old photos 
  • Talk about different jobs and occupations through role play and stories 
  • Look at, talk about and celebrate different traditions and festivals 


The World:

  • Compare objects, places and living things by discussing similarities and differences
  • Talk about the local area and changes through out the year 
  • Plant seeds and look after them, observing how the plants grow and change
  • Care for or observe animals 
  • Talk about changes and why some things occur 
  • Visit different environments
  • Play mats and small world equipment 
  • Baking to explore, cooking, melting and freezing 
  •  Make a weather diary. Why not present your own weather forecast.



  • Play with tools that work in different ways, e.g. egg whisk, torch, other household implements,  construction kits 
  • Use apps on iPad such as the camera or voice recorder
  • Play with programmable or remote controlled toys
  • Press buttons to operate household appliances e.g. DVD players (under adult supervision)
  • Use technology in the community e.g. push button at crossing, open automatic door, press certain buttons on the self service till


Home Learning Spring Term: 

This term we have been looking for signs of spring. We have observed different types of weather. As some baby animals are born during the spring, we looked at the life cycle of some animals.  Draw the life cycle of a frog, butterfly or a chicken. We have been thinking about where our food comes from. Plant some vegetables and watch how they grow.