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Photo Gallery 2019 to 2020

Our second planter outside is full of lots of different herbs.

The children have been fantastic farmers this week and have hatched their own chicks. We have explored the life cycle of a chick and have written the farmer instructions on how to care of the chicks.

This week we had a crime take place! Poor Jemima Puddle Duck had her eggs stolen! The children became police officers and witnesses, exploring the crime scene to find evidence. They completed police reports and solved the mystery.

We have been busy recording observations of our runner beans! We have also planted our tomato seeds and put them inside our new greenhouse. Class 2 are fantastic, young gardeners!

This week has been full of new and exciting things! We have enjoyed learning all about each other! Our first theme is 'Who am I? So we have had lots of challenges about what makes us unique. We have sketched our features in the creative area, used paints,mixing different colours to create ourselves in our uniforms. We have used the investigation area to explore lots about our senses using the different resources and even had a go at being surgeons! We have used the Lego and moblio to create buildings and vehicles in our local area working well as part of a team.  We have enjoyed some new number and Boggle challenges too! Next week we will be starting our new story Fantastic Mr Fox! Well done all of Class 2 on a fantastic week back :) 

The first week of Class 2

We have had the local artist Chas Jacobs in to do a fantastic project with us all. We have looked at lots of different flower designs, sketching and shading our own bead designs. We will be using these designs later to create wooden versions using paint and varnish.
We have started our new science topic 'Everyday materials' and have been sorting objects and materials.
What another busy week! We have started to explore money and have taken part in lots of practical challenges which the children have really enjoyed. We have also been busy painting and decorating our Christmas baubles for decorating the hall. Well done to the children who got 10 out of 10 on their spellings this week! A great achievement. The children have helped to create our toy museum! The children have loved becoming tour guides and explaining how to use the old toys to each other. The children have also enjoyed carrying out an experiment testing different materials to see which one would be best to use to make teddy an umbrella! They worked so well in teams :)