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Bleasdale School

We went to visit our friends at Bleasdale school. We met their teacher and their class mates and joined them all for PE. We enjoyed snack time with them and then had a play on their new park. 

We're going on a Bear Hunt

Today we welcomed the new reception children. We helped them hunt for bears hiding in the school grounds. Afterwards we enjoyed a teddy bear's picnic and listened to a story. 

PE with our friends from Bleasdale

Class Assembly


Lego Workshop

We had lots of fun building Lego animals and  enclosures for them to live in. 

Sense Scientists

The super scientists had to use their senses to identify the different items. 

CAFOD Zero Heroes

Carol talked to about the actions that cause climate change and the things we can do to reduce it. Can you be a Zero Hero ?

PE with out friends from Bleasdale House

Today we practiced passing the ball in different ways. 

African patterns

We learnt about the Maasai tribe. We looked at patterns used in African art. We designed and created our own African necklaces.


We have been learning about the Jewish day of rest, Shabbat. we made Challah bread and shared it with the other classes. 


We made shapes to match the properties in the description using geo-boards. Class 2 really enjoyed making  skeletons of 3D  shapes. 
We had lots of fun learning survival skills. We made shelters and learnt how to spark a kindle for a fire. We worked as a team to complete challenges like crossing the swamp, climbing the wall and the spiders web. We enjoyed exploring the caves even if they were a bit dark and scary! We might be very wet and muddy but we had lots of fun! We all asked if we could go back tomorrow!

Grouping Animals

Where in the World?


Where in the World?

PE skills

This week we moved the balls in different way such as rolling, throwing, kicking and bouncing. 

Healthy Heroes!

We helped Miss Townson make a healthy lunch box. Everyone made a sandwich and we ate them together at our picnic. 


We have been practicing our athletic skills ready for sports day. 


We had lots of fun measuring the capacity of different containers. We measured out different volumes of water, reading the scale carefully. 


Today we practiced throwing for distance as well as aiming at a target. We practiced a chest push and a howler throw. We threw beanbags into the target and tried to throw the javelin as far as we could. 

Telling Tales

We acted out a traditional tale. We took photos and turned them into a comic strip of the tale. 

The Holy Spirit

We heard the story of Pentecost and then created symbols of the Holy Spirit, Jesus' special helper. 

When a Dragon came to school

We found footprints in the classroom. We went on an adventure to find the creature that left them. We found a dragon sleeping in his cave. 

Let's get moving!

We had to move and jump in different ways around the equipment. 
We found a scroll in class. it was an advert looking for knights. We wrote letters to apply to train at knight school. We designed our shield and learnt about the suit of armour. 

Does the oldest person have the biggest feet?

We investigated if the oldest person has the largest feet. We then designed our own investigation about growth. 

Once Upon a Time ...

We painted our favourite traditional tale character and explained what we like about them. 

What time is it Mr Wolf?

We have been telling the time. We had to match the clock face to the time in words. 

To the Castle!

We had to programme the Beebot to direct him to the castle. 

Multi-skills with Bleasdale School

Our new friends from Bleasdale School came to work with us today. We worked together to practice throwing and catching. We also traveled in different ways remembering to change direction. 


We made models of our hands from dough. 
We reflected on Jesus' journey on Good Friday.

Maundy Thursday

In our Class assembly we acted out Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples. 

Crosses from around the world

We thought about how Jesus died on the Cross for us and then made a Taizé cross. 

New Life

Today we helped Class 1 to release the butterflies. 

Roll Back the Stone

Class 3 told us the Easter Story in Roll Back the Stone. They were amazing! 

Sewing Easter Decorations

We designed an Easter decoration. We have been very busy sewing ribbons and buttons on to felt shapes for decoration. 

Transparent and Opaque

We tested materials to see if they let any light through. 

Mothering Sunday

We learnt about the traditions of visiting our mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent, known as Mothering Sunday. We made cards and bought presents at the Mothers day sale. 

Light and Dark

We explored light and dark. We put on a puppet show. We made a dark cave and researched how nocturnal animals see in the dark. We  found it lots of fun to explore our reflections in different materials. 

Sorry service with Father John

As a sign that we are forgiven we burnt our confessions after Father John led us in prayer.


We used fractions to divide our pizzas and the toppings. We used shapes to help us find fractions of numbers.

Fireworks in a Jar

We watched the colours dance through the water as fireworks dance in the sky. We investigated different colour combinations.

Science Week

We visited different classrooms during science week. We investigated materials to make Astro nappies. We excavated poo from the past. We learnt how bees help pollination. We created time capsules.


We identfied features of a report. We thought about what we already knew about our chosen animal and wrote down what we wanted to find out. We used the iPads to find the answers to our questions. We will use this information in our own reports.

Patterns in calculations

Story Time

Class 3 read their stories to us, they were amazing! Well done Class 3. 


We wanted to make a space suit for Explorer Bear. We put the materials to the test to see if they were waterproof, strong and flexible. 

Treasure God's World

We shared what we wondered about the world God made for us. We looked at ways we can care for God's world.
We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes. We designed our perfect pancake by adding yummy toppings. We wrote instructions to make perfect pancakes. We also wrote our Lenten Promises ready for our Ash Wednesday service tomorrow. 

Marvelous Materials for Boats

We tested materials to find the best boat for Explorer Bear. 

Happy St David's Day

We tried Welsh cakes to celebrate St David's day. 
We  looked closely at the daffodils, a symbol of Wales.

Class Assembly

We shared with everyone why St Bernadette is an inspirational person. 

The United Kingdom

We used the atlases to locate and name the four countries and capital cites of the United Kingdom. We also named the surrounding  seas and oceans. 

Big questions with Father John

Thank you Father John for coming to answer our tough questions. 

God's Treasures

We went looking for God's treasure. 


This week we have been practicing how to measure length and height with a ruler.  
We had lots of fun learning about different animals with Milo at the Butterfly House in Williamson park. We also used our mapping skills to find landmarks in different directions. We enjoyed a lovely walk through the woods. 

Harold in the life education van

Harold and his friends talked to us about our feelings. We thought of three people we could talk to if we needed help.


We have been researching penguins for our information pages. Mrs Kendall popped in to help us paint some amazing penguins and write some fantastic facts about them. 

Compass points

We have used the compass points to give directions to find our explorer flags. 

Special people assembly

We showed everyone who are special people are. We told everyone about the special roles we have at church. 

Strange creature in the deep dark woods

We found an unusual creature in the the outdoor area. We decided to write stories about the creature. 


We used our map skills to identify landmarks around the school grounds. 

Relax Kids

We enjoyed relaxing our minds and bodies with Steph from Relax Kids. We are amazing!

Measuring mass

We had lots of fun learning to ride our bikes. 

Happy Christmas!

Cards of Kindness

We went to Hillcroft Nursing Home to sing Christmas songs to the residents. We handed out our Christmas cards too. 


Special Visitor

Are you on the nice list?

It's a Wriggly Nativity

We just can't sit still, we have to tell you all about the story of the first Christmas!

Pudding Lane Bakery

We have designed and baked our own loaves. 

Relax Kids

Steph came to teach us how to calm our bodies. We were so relaxed we nearly fell asleep!

Fire! Fire!

Still image for this video
Oh no! There's a fire on Pudding Lane. 

Fire on Pudding Lane!

We watched as the fire took hold of Pudding Lane.

Planting Trees

We have been planting trees. we look forward to them growing in to our own little forest. 

Advent Promise

Father John came to help us get ready for Jesus this Christmas. We thought about what we could do make sure we are ready to welcome Jesus int to our hearts and homes this Christmas. 

Volume and Capacity

We enjoyed exploring and and measuring capacity and volume. We didn't get too wet!