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Photo Gallery 2018 to 2019




Bleasdale School

We went to visit our friends at Bleasdale school. We met their teacher and their class mates and joined them all for PE. We enjoyed snack time with them and then had a play on their new park. 

We're going on a Bear Hunt

Today we welcomed the new reception children. We helped them hunt for bears hiding in the school grounds. Afterwards we enjoyed a teddy bear's picnic and listened to a story. 

PE with our friends from Bleasdale

Class Assembly


Lego Workshop

We had lots of fun building Lego animals and  enclosures for them to live in. 

Sense Scientists

The super scientists had to use their senses to identify the different items. 

CAFOD Zero Heroes

Carol talked to about the actions that cause climate change and the things we can do to reduce it. Can you be a Zero Hero ?

PE with out friends from Bleasdale House

Today we practiced passing the ball in different ways. 

African patterns

We learnt about the Maasai tribe. We looked at patterns used in African art. We designed and created our own African necklaces.


We have been learning about the Jewish day of rest, Shabbat. we made Challah bread and shared it with the other classes. 


We made shapes to match the properties in the description using geo-boards. Class 2 really enjoyed making  skeletons of 3D  shapes. 
We had lots of fun learning survival skills. We made shelters and learnt how to spark a kindle for a fire. We worked as a team to complete challenges like crossing the swamp, climbing the wall and the spiders web. We enjoyed exploring the caves even if they were a bit dark and scary! We might be very wet and muddy but we had lots of fun! We all asked if we could go back tomorrow!

Grouping Animals

Where in the World?


Where in the World?

PE skills

This week we moved the balls in different way such as rolling, throwing, kicking and bouncing. 

Healthy Heroes!

We helped Miss Townson make a healthy lunch box. Everyone made a sandwich and we ate them together at our picnic. 


We have been practicing our athletic skills ready for sports day. 


We had lots of fun measuring the capacity of different containers. We measured out different volumes of water, reading the scale carefully. 


Today we practiced throwing for distance as well as aiming at a target. We practiced a chest push and a howler throw. We threw beanbags into the target and tried to throw the javelin as far as we could. 

Telling Tales

We acted out a traditional tale. We took photos and turned them into a comic strip of the tale. 

The Holy Spirit

We heard the story of Pentecost and then created symbols of the Holy Spirit, Jesus' special helper. 

When a Dragon came to school

We found footprints in the classroom. We went on an adventure to find the creature that left them. We found a dragon sleeping in his cave. 

Let's get moving!

We had to move and jump in different ways around the equipment. 
We found a scroll in class. it was an advert looking for knights. We wrote letters to apply to train at knight school. We designed our shield and learnt about the suit of armour. 

Does the oldest person have the biggest feet?