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Photo Gallery 2016 to 2018

We went in search of Nemo and Dory and fell in love with Lulu the turtle. 

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Good Friends Assembly

Out and about with Class 1

Researching Habitats


We waited at the 'Lighthouse' for Mrs Grinling's delivery from the cottage. Can you guess what is was?

Perfect Picnic

Mr Grinling was going on a picnic so we packed our picnic basket and joined him for a delicious spread. 

A recipe for a Lighthouse Sandwich

We made a Lighthouse Sandwich for Mr Grinling and wrote out the instructions for making one. 

Picture that

We drew pictures to memories the lines of the poem. we turned these into an animation on the iPads. 

What a Performance!

We created our own actions to help us remember the poem, The Picnic by Dorothy Aldis.

Problem Solving

We had lots of fun solving problems. We tried to find 7 ways of making 20 using four different numbers using the numbers  1 to 8. We also arranged 15 counters on 5 plates in different ways so that each line added up to 10. 

Happy Father's Day!

We think our dads are ROARSOME!

Where in the world?

We read the fact pages to find out about our chosen habitat. We then drew labelled pictures of the living things we would find there. We shared  what we found out with our friends. 

Naughty Elephants Squirt Water!

We learnt a rhyme to help us remember the points on a compass. We drew what we could see to the North, South East and West. We traveled around the school grounds and found the compass always points North. 

OLCC Sports Day

Physical and Human Features on the Map

We worked with Class 1 today. We sortied images into physical and human features. We looked for features in the school grounds. We identified features on a map of the local area and matched map symbols to an image of that feature. 

What Time is it Mr Wolf?

Brothers and Sisters with Jesus

We painted pictures of the different types of families we  belong to. We looked at how we are all part of God's Big Family with Jesus.  

Iced Sea Biscuits

Inspired by Mrs Grinling, we made our own iced sea biscuits for the Lighthouse Keeper.

Plants We Eat

We identified which part of the plant we were eating as we tasted different vegetables. Yummy!

Measuring our Plants

Look how much our plants have grown!

Chasing our Tails

This week we tested our agility as we tried to catch our partners tail. 
We had a a fantastic time in the forest. We collected forest treasures on our journey, made spider sculptures and create forest music.

Wanted for stealing food along the Highway Trail

Watch out for these interesting characters roaming along the highway.

Robin Arrows

We have some star shooters in Class 2, watch out Robin Hood!

Where in the UK?

On our journey around the United Kingdom we stopped off at the capital cities of each country.  We used the atlas to label our own maps. 

Observing Plants and Trees

In groups, we worked against the clock to label a plant and a tree. We went outside to observe the plants and trees growing in the school grounds.

Place Value

This week we have been ordering numbers and finding missing numbers on the number line. We have also been partitioning numbers into tens and ones. 

Fact finders

We had to read the facts carefully and work out where the missing capital letters and full stops should go to create sentences. 

One a penny, Two a penny, Hot Cross Buns

For snack we enjoyed tasting hot cross buns. Yummy!
We walked with Jesus along the way of the cross. We stopped at each station to reflect on how Jesus must have felt. 

The Last Supper

In our assembly we reflected on the events of Maundy Thursday. We broke the bread and shared it with the whole school.

Palm Sunday

We enjoyed helping Class 1 welcome Jesus by waving our Palm leaves and laying down our coats. 

Happy Easter

There have been lots of Easter activities in class 2 this week. We used our hand prints to create a lovely sunrise behind the cross to celebrate the risen Jesus. We made flowers to decorate the cross. We enjoyed searching for puzzle pieces to help us retell the Easter story. There was even time to make tasty Easter nest. 

Skip for British Heart Foundation

We enjoyed skipping our mile to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. 

The Australian Cross

We looked at examples of The Stations of the Cross by Aboriginal artist Miriam-Rose Ungunm. We created our own Australian crosses inspired by the Aboriginal paintings. 

Printing Patterns

We used everyday objects to make patterns. 

Micro Habitat Hunt

Our detectives went in search of the mini beasts.

Presenting the Weather

We recorded this weeks weather in our diaries and used this to present the weather forecast. 


We have been using vegetables to print with. 

Five times Five is Twenty-Five

We have been counting in fives to help us find facts from the five times table. 

Chas Jacobs

We really enjoyed an afternoon sharing our talents and painting with Chas Jacobs. 

Neighbours Assembly

Our assembly was about how to be a neighbour to everyone all around the world. 
We explored the snow and looked for tracks. We tried to work out which animal had left the different footprints. 


We chose pictures of our class mates and described what they do that shows they are our neighbour.

Living, Dead or Never Alive

We learnt about the 7 life processes using MRS GREN. We looked around the school grounds to identify things that were alive, dead or had never been alive. 

Exploring Shapes

We looked around school to see if we could identify any 3D shapes


We described objects to our friends to see if they could guess what it was.

Let's keep active!

Class 2 really enjoyed playing different sports. The sports committee organised lots of different activities and we chose which ones we wanted to play. We got very muddy but had lots of fun being active! 

Neil Armstrong

We found out lots of interesting facts about Neil Armstrong. We ordered important events in his life in date order to create  time line. 

Research for our stories

We learnt lots of facts about Barn Owls in the story, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. We wanted to research facts about other nocturnal animals so we can plan and write our own animal adventure story. 

I'm part of God's big family for ever!

On Wednesday it was our class assembly. We talked bout our own families and how we our all part of God's big family. We acted out the story of the Presentation at the Temple. 
We have been very creative at home and made some super rockets. Thank you Mums and Dads for helping us with our homework.

Team Games

We had lots of fun practicing our throwing and catching. We enjoyed striking the ball with a bat. We worked as a team to field the ball around each member and back to the batters spot. 

What's the Time Mr Wolf?

Year 2 learnt to tell the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour. We  know that quarter of an hour is 15 minutes. 

Properties of materials

We explored differed materials. We read different descriptions and identified the material by the properties described. We matched materials to their job based on their properties. 

Fact finders

We looked at different sources to find facts about traveling in space. 

Happy Christmas from all of Class 2

We looked at what Christmas was like in the Victorian times. We learnt how Prince Albert brought the Christmas tree to Britain and made traditional decorations to dress our class tree. We made delicious minc pies. We enjoyed mixing different  colours  in interesting  patterns to  make marble wrapping paper. In the afternoon we played traditional parlour games and making Victorian toys. 

Counting on and back

We enjoyed making jumps up and down the number line as we solved additions and subtractions.
This week we enjoyed playing with some old toys. 

Position and Direction

We have been describing position and giving directions. We looked at left and right, different types of turns and the compass points. We we good at describing the positions of objects on a grid. 

Class Assembly - Christ the King

We reminded everyone about the type of King Jesus was. 
We made dens and wrote a set of instructions to tell others how to make them too. 

Fire Safety

The fire fighters came to talk to us about fire safety. They taught us what to in the event of a fire in our home. We role played what to do, Get out, Stay out , Call 999.

Toys old and new

We enjoyed playing and talking about our favourite  toys. We looked at the materials they were made from and talked about their special features. Some of us brought in our parent's favourite toys. They looked very loved. We talk about how we could tell they were old toys and compared them with our toys today. 

Den making

We enjoyed the story of Where the Wilds Things Are and wanted to make shelters for Max. We made a pictures using leaves and twigs of what we thought the dens would look like. We went out side and found interesting leaves. We compared the leaves and used adjectives to describe them. We added labels,  using these exciting words, to our diagrams. We look forward to building the dens next week. 
We really enjoyed English this week. We have been reading and following instructions. We identified bossy verbs and used commas to write lists of equipment. We made pirate hats, paper aeroplanes and sandcastles and we really enjoyed making toast and banana smoothies!
Jacob's mum brought in their pet snake, Douglas. He is a Banana Pastel Royal Python.  Jacob's mum told us lots about him, like how he uses vibrations to work out where things are. We asked lots of great questions. We all had a stroke or were brave enough to hold him. 
In science we have been looking at the importance of good hygiene. We conducted an investigation with ‘Glitter Bugs” to find out how germs are spread. We then investigated the best way to wash our hands in order to get rid of all of the germs. We talked about different ways to keep our body and clothes clean. We wrote top tips for cleaning our teeth and sequenced the best way to wash our hands.

Class assembly - Baptism

On Thursday it was our Class assembly. We showed everyone the baptism candles we made. We explained the meaning of the different symbols used at baptism. We also read the story of Jesus’ baptism. 

Praying the Rosary

Class 2 joined the whole school in praying the Rosary.


This week Class 2 exposed length. We measured height and width in different units, such as cubes, hand span, strides and centimetres.


Class 2 have looked at Baptism this week. We made baptism candles. We have asked about the meaning of water, the candle and wearing  white at baptism. We talked about what happens during the service. We acted out a baptism and ordered pictures of the service.

This week in science we looked at the importance of a balanced diet. We know food gives us energy and we need to eat the just the  right amount of food that our body needs. We talked about the different role different foods have and how often we should eat each type of food. We choose foods to make a balance meal. We tried different fruits and choose our favourite five to try and eat each day. 

We identified different organs and the job they do in our body.

Importance of exercise

We know exercise is important to keep our bodies strong and fit. During PE we investigated how many times we could complete different tasks in one minute. We discussed how some activities were harder than others so we couldn’t complete as many of these activities in the time given. 

Katie Morag

We are enjoying reading the adventures of about Katie Morag. We have looked carefully at the illustrations and drawn our own pictures of the island before writing a description of the setting. We also compared Katie Morag’s grandmothers and used conjunctions to write sentences about them. We look forward to writing our own adventures for Katie Morag.
This week we have explored shape, looking for lines of symmetry and drawing shapes carefully with rulers. We had lots of fun creating different shapes on the geo boards. 

God's World Class Assembly

Everyone loved our creation song. We showed the paintings we made of our favourite part of God's world and explained why we liked it. We read out our thank you prayers to God for making the world and everything in it. 
Doctor Judy came to talk to us about her job. She showed us some of the equipment she uses to find out what's wrong with a patient. Doctor Judy showed us how to bandage a sore arm. We had lots of fun practicing bandaging each other's arms. 

Growing up

Baby Jacob and his mummy came to visit us this week. We talked about the things Jacob can do and things he needs his mums help with. We thought about how we have grown and changed since we were a baby and how we will change as we grow older. 

Map reading

Using the IPads, we researched where the animals came from. If the animals came from Africa, we coloured the key and found the animals on the map.

Giving directions

We used directional language to write our instructions. We programmed the Bee-Bots to travel to the correct destination. We reprogrammed the Bee-Bots if they went the wrong way.
We went on an African safari with Class 1. We made a map of our journey. We made sandwiches for a snack. We made binoculars to spot the animals with. We had to look for the animals and record with station they were. We ended the day eating our sandwiches around the camp fire. 

Tasting fruit

After reading Handa's surprise, we tasted the fruit she took to Akeyo. We tried mango, avocado, passion fruit and pineapple. Our favourite was the ripe red mango, just like the elephant! Our least favourite was the creamy green avocado.

Life in Africa

We read the story Handa's Hen and discussed the village she lived in. We looked at the clothes she wore too. We played a game where we compared our life in Carnforth with life in and African village. We had a go at a traditional African dance. We made African jewellery in bright colours with traditional patterns. We designed and create a rain stick.
This week we went on an African safari with Class 1. We listened to the story Giraffes can't dance. We reaseached animal facts to make our own trump cards. We made animal masks and foot prints. We enjoy dancing as different African animals. During PE we had to find the different animals hidden across the field. In music we sang an African song.

Identifying trees

We identified trees by their leaves. We looked for evergreen and deciduous trees.
This week we have explored capacity. We estimated how much it would take to fill different containers. We ordered containers based on how much they could hold. We looked at reading scales. We investigated if containers could hold more or less than a litre. We also measured amounts of  water and then halved them. 

Team work

We worked with a partner to complete our exercises. Some of them were tricky. 

The Holy Spirit

We told the story of when Jesus went back to be with his Father in heaven. The disciples were sad to see their friend go. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be their friend and stay with them forever. 

Athletics - field events

We have been practicing our throwing and jumping skills. We enjoyed finding out how far we had jumped. 

Looking after God's world

We have been thinking of ways to care for God's world. We made posters to remind people to save energy by turning off lights and plugs when not in use. We thought about reusing materials and sorted the rubbish in to groups for reyclying. We talked about choosing to walk instead of using the car and conducted a survey on how we travel to school. Class 2 have been looking after the school grounds. We we did some weeding and tidied the plant beds ready to plant new flowers.

Parts of the plant

We made a model of a plant and labelled the different parts.

Exercise makes you happy

We learnt that when we exercise the heart pumps blood around the body to the muscles, this make us hot. We tried different exercise to keep our bodies healthy. We learnt why it is important to stretch our muscles after exercise. 

Hot and cold climates

We looked at hot and cold climates across the world. We talked about different animals and if they live in a hot place or a cold place before we placed them on the map.

Identifying Plants

We looked at the shape, size and colour of different leaves to identify plants round the school grounds. We recorded what we found in a tally chart. We counted how many we found to identify the most common plant.

Around the world

Our topic this term is Journeys. We have been using the globes to find the 5 oceans. We also used the maps to name the 7  continents of the world. 

Data handling

This week  we have been busy collecting and sorting data. We have used Carrol diagrams, tally charts and Venn diagrams.

Keeping healthy

We really enjoyed learning about how to keep our bodies healthy as we exercised with Debbie.

Experiment results

We haven found out that plants need light, water and soil to grow properly.


Now are tadpoles have grown into froglets, it is time to release them back to the pond we collected the frogspawn from. 

Happy Easter