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Photo Gallery 2016 to 2018

We went in search of Nemo and Dory and fell in love with Lulu the turtle. 

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Good Friends Assembly

Out and about with Class 1

Researching Habitats


We waited at the 'Lighthouse' for Mrs Grinling's delivery from the cottage. Can you guess what is was?

Perfect Picnic

Mr Grinling was going on a picnic so we packed our picnic basket and joined him for a delicious spread. 

A recipe for a Lighthouse Sandwich

We made a Lighthouse Sandwich for Mr Grinling and wrote out the instructions for making one. 

Picture that

We drew pictures to memories the lines of the poem. we turned these into an animation on the iPads. 

What a Performance!

We created our own actions to help us remember the poem, The Picnic by Dorothy Aldis.

Problem Solving

We had lots of fun solving problems. We tried to find 7 ways of making 20 using four different numbers using the numbers  1 to 8. We also arranged 15 counters on 5 plates in different ways so that each line added up to 10. 

Happy Father's Day!

We think our dads are ROARSOME!

Where in the world?

We read the fact pages to find out about our chosen habitat. We then drew labelled pictures of the living things we would find there. We shared  what we found out with our friends. 

Naughty Elephants Squirt Water!

We learnt a rhyme to help us remember the points on a compass. We drew what we could see to the North, South East and West. We traveled around the school grounds and found the compass always points North. 

OLCC Sports Day

Physical and Human Features on the Map

We worked with Class 1 today. We sortied images into physical and human features. We looked for features in the school grounds. We identified features on a map of the local area and matched map symbols to an image of that feature. 

What Time is it Mr Wolf?

Brothers and Sisters with Jesus

We painted pictures of the different types of families we  belong to. We looked at how we are all part of God's Big Family with Jesus.  

Iced Sea Biscuits

Inspired by Mrs Grinling, we made our own iced sea biscuits for the Lighthouse Keeper.

Plants We Eat

We identified which part of the plant we were eating as we tasted different vegetables. Yummy!

Measuring our Plants

Look how much our plants have grown!

Chasing our Tails

This week we tested our agility as we tried to catch our partners tail. 
We had a a fantastic time in the forest. We collected forest treasures on our journey, made spider sculptures and create forest music.

Wanted for stealing food along the Highway Trail

Watch out for these interesting characters roaming along the highway.

Robin Arrows

We have some star shooters in Class 2, watch out Robin Hood!

Where in the UK?

On our journey around the United Kingdom we stopped off at the capital cities of each country.  We used the atlas to label our own maps. 

Observing Plants and Trees

In groups, we worked against the clock to label a plant and a tree. We went outside to observe the plants and trees growing in the school grounds.

Place Value

This week we have been ordering numbers and finding missing numbers on the number line. We have also been partitioning numbers into tens and ones. 

Fact finders

We had to read the facts carefully and work out where the missing capital letters and full stops should go to create sentences. 

One a penny, Two a penny, Hot Cross Buns

For snack we enjoyed tasting hot cross buns. Yummy!
We walked with Jesus along the way of the cross. We stopped at each station to reflect on how Jesus must have felt. 

The Last Supper

In our assembly we reflected on the events of Maundy Thursday. We broke the bread and shared it with the whole school.

Palm Sunday

We enjoyed helping Class 1 welcome Jesus by waving our Palm leaves and laying down our coats. 

Happy Easter

There have been lots of Easter activities in class 2 this week. We used our hand prints to create a lovely sunrise behind the cross to celebrate the risen Jesus. We made flowers to decorate the cross. We enjoyed searching for puzzle pieces to help us retell the Easter story. There was even time to make tasty Easter nest. 

Skip for British Heart Foundation

We enjoyed skipping our mile to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. 

The Australian Cross

We looked at examples of The Stations of the Cross by Aboriginal artist Miriam-Rose Ungunm. We created our own Australian crosses inspired by the Aboriginal paintings. 

Printing Patterns

We used everyday objects to make patterns. 

Micro Habitat Hunt

Our detectives went in search of the mini beasts.

Presenting the Weather

We recorded this weeks weather in our diaries and used this to present the weather forecast.