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COVID Information (July 2021)


Update (July 2021)

Following the PCR test being positive can I remind all parents that the children should all be isolating now until 22nd July 2021. 
I am sorry and will let you know any changes. 
Mrs K. 😊😊


School Closure Letter (July 2021)



Following a staff member testing positive on a LFT this morning it was with a heavy heart that I closed school after receiving advice from Public Health. As many of you will know this was not something that I wanted to happen to our school community but, unfortunately this is where we found ourselves. If the PCR test returns with a negative result then I will reopen school for the last day and will keep you informed if we can! (Fingers crossed!)


Due to the 10 day isolation period we will not be able to reopen now before September.


I am extremely sad that we will not get to say goodbye to our Year 6, Miss Dempsey or Miss Brown and that we will miss celebrating mass together. But, keeping you all safe is far more important and I hope that you will all be able to do this. 


Please take care and I will keep you updated with any changes.


Mrs K smiley