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Wednesday 3rd March

Please find attached a copy of our letter detailing the return to school on Monday 8th March. 

Many thanks 

Mrs Ksmiley

Friday 12th February

It has been a very busy this week as we try to finsih off thing before the half term break. It has been lovely to see the children enjoying some Golden Time at home and at school to celebrate the work that they have done throughout the term. We were lucky enough to visit Church yesterday to celebrate our Feast Day with Fr John and we remembered the whole school community in our prayers. 

Class 1 have had a great week celebrating the Chinese new year and I saw some amazing dragon dances (Well done Oskar, Jasper and Liliana) as well as some very scary dragon masks! (Well done Lily) Class 2 have had great fun changing the backgrounds on their morning meeting and they even had a doughnut come the other day - it was Jessica really laugh

Class 3 have continued to make some great videos to go with their work (Maia I loved your message to everyone!) about all sorts of things! They learnt all about recycling and encouraged us to do our best with it! Class 4 have made some great Mayan temples using different materials and have enjoyed making their own advert for a film! I am hoping to tweet some soon. 

On a personal note, I would like to thank all the staff, parents and governors of our school family for making the term as easy as it could have been in the circumstances. The dedication that the staff have given to creating worthwhile experiences and activities for the children has surpassed everything that I thought and knew they could do. So, I think that they deserve a rest for a few days! wink

We will await any announcements about reopening but, at this time school is still ONLY open to children of Critical workers or vulnerable children. At the moment we are planning towards 8th March but, there are no guarantees of this and when I know more I will let you all know. 

Have a fantastic half term and keep safe! 

I look forward to seeing you all soon

Mrs K smiley

Monday 8th February

Good Morning Everyone, I hope that you all had a great weekend! 

A big thank you to those children that have sent me photographs of themselves wearing their scarves - you all look great! If you haven't managed this yet then please try to do this as we really would like to put everyone's photograph up together! 

It was lovely to see you all in assembly and I have added the link for this Friday above. I look forward to seeing you all then. 

This week, some of the children will be looking at the Chinese New Year and doing lots of activities around it! We will also be thinking about St Bernadette on Thursday as we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. On Friday we will close for half term and will reopen on Monday 22nd February for Critical/Key worker and Vulnerable children as we are now. I am led to believe that there will be an announcement about schools around this time and as soon as I have more information I will let you know. Fingers crossed we will be able to see you return soon. 

During the half term there will be no work posted to the Google Classrooms so, please take the time to have a rest ready for work to begin again. 

Keep safe and I will continue to update you throughout the week,

Mrs K smiley

Wednesday 3rd Februray

Good Evening everyone! 

I hope that you all continue to be well. Everyone is well in school and are working hard to put your learning onto the Home Learning Classroom. Please don't forget to upload your work so that the teachers can see it (I will also be having a look later this week). 

On Friday we will be thinking about the Mental Health of our children and will be looking at how we show different emotions! SCARF (The Life Education van) who should have been visiting school next week are asking children to wear different scarves to show support so, if you are at home will you please wear a scarf to Assembly and if you are in school you can wear your own clothes and a scarf on Friday! We will also be talking about this in assembly! 

Keep working hard 

Mrs K wink

Monday 1st February

Wow, how did we get to February? 
I hope that you all had a lovely weekend despite how cold it seems to have got. We had a funny week in school last week as we had begun our testing. I think that the staff get very nervous testing at night! 
Whilst we are really pleased with all the work that you are doing we just wanted to remind you how important it is that you don’t forget to have regular breaks from the computer screen. Have something to eat, read a book or even go for a walk and get active! These things are just as important as the work that we are giving you to do! 
It was great to see all but 2 children in Class 4 on their meeting this morning and I know that the other classes are getting just as many children. Remember, if you get stuck or need a bit of help with the classroom just give us a ring and we will try to help! 
This week we have Governing Body Committee meetings in school via Zoom and they will be looking at curriculum, staffing and finance. 
Unfortunately, Miss Townson has had to take sometime off school and I will let you know when she will be returning. I am sure that you will join me in hoping that she has a speedy recovery. 
Please try to continue to keep safe! 
Mrs K 


Thursday 28th January

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope that you all continue to be well. As we come to the end of Week 4 I know that you will have begun or are beginning to feel abit overwhelmed (parents and children alike) as we continue to try this new way of working. BUT please take this message forward that you are all doing an AMAZING job. Everyday I am inspired by the way that you tackle the tasks set by the staff and the creative way that you are all doing this is incredible. I have seen Mayan temples made out of icing, marzipan and logs! 

I have watched videos of children cutting their Dad's hat to show where wool comes from (I think she had permission wink) and of children reading their own books that they have written - we do have some budding authors! smiley 

I have also enjoyed seeing the paintings that have been done - tints and shades in Class 2 and paintings in Class 4 of   Mayan landscapes. It is lovely to see that you are all doing a range of different subjects! So, please keep it up, we are enjoying reading and looking at all your work and we have such alot to celebrate together! 


I am really looking forward to seeing you all at assembly tomorrow and if possible there are two things that I would like you to bring - a drawing of yourself smiling and a photograph of something that makes you smile! 

I think that we could all do with a burst of happiness this week!


The Prime Minister has announced that hopefully school will reopen on 8th March and we will all be able to come back together. As yet we have no guidance about this but, when we do the staff and Governors will work hard to make our risk assessments as safe and secure as possible for everyone. In the meantime we continue to do our tests regularly and follow all guidance about hygiene. Social distancing continues to be tricky but we do accept that we have children in school who do find this tricky! 

Keep  Safe everyone 

Mrs K blush


Monday 25th January

I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend and managed to enjoy the snow! blush

It is now the beginning of our fourth week of remote learning and again I have been amazed at the level of work that has come in from all the children over the last week. I was so amazed that I had to choose soem VIPs myself which I haven't done before - Well done Kyla, Sophie & Joseph. I will enjoy looking at the work coming in to choose my new ones on Friday. 

Some children are still not submitting their work to their class teachers. This is really important to help the children progress and the staff have been very busy marking and giving feedback to work. If you are having any problems with this then please let school know so that we can help you sort this out. 

It was a very strange assembly on Friday but I really enjoyed seeing you all and showing you some of the work that has been sent in. Don't forget to make your fish to show the different ways that we can follow Jesus (thank you Tess for sending your beautiful rainbow fish). We will have another Celebration Assembly on Friday at 3pm. 

Staff began their testing today and everyone tested negative so we are really pleased about that but, are mindful that we ALL need to keep doing what we are doing so, that we can keep safe! 

Thank you for all your continued support, it is lovely to see so many parents helping their children and it looks like you are having a lovely time. 

Mrs K smiley


Wednesday 20th January

I hope that you all continue to be well and are enjoying the work that the children have been set this week. It has been lovely to hear that some of you have enjoyed reading the books that the children are reading - Mrs Townley and Mrs Dewar always choose good books to read. 

This week we will be receiving Lateral Flow test kits for the staff to use and they will be taking these tests regularly. We will update you of any bubble/school closures once the tests have started. This does not mean that school is reopening to everyone. We still need to follow the lockdown rules in place currently. 

We have also been informed that Mrs Saunders has been in hospital so I am sure that you will join school in wishing her a speedy recovery. 

I am looking forward to our first Zoom Assembly on Friday. You will be admitted once the assembly starts and it shouldn't last more than 15/20 minutes. Details are above showing the link to use. 

Take care everyone,

Mrs K laugh

Monday 22nd January

I hope that you all managed to have a good weekend and have a rest from all the fantastic work that you have been submitting. I have really enjoyed looking at it and it is great to see how many of you are working hard!

Well done smiley

I am sure that you are going to enjoy the activities that the classteachers have set this week and don't forget to say hello in the morning meeting. It has been lovely to drop in to these and say hello to you all - some of you have even been in your pyjamas!!laugh

Later, this week the DfE will be giving us guidance about staff testing in school and I will be able to give you more information when we have this. We will also be trying our first Celebration Assembly via Zoom on Friday and fingers crossed it works okay. We will be doing some "Home Learning VIP's" so don't forget to submit your best work - the teachers will be looking at good presentation just like they would in the classroom. 

Have a great week everyone! 

Mrs K 


Friday 15th January 2021

I hope that you have all had a great week. It has been another busy week in school as we still try to get to grips with remote learning! 

It is lovely to see that more and more children are joining the morning meetings and that you all continue to return your work to your classteachers to look at. I have been very impressed with the work that you have been doing! 

Remember, that if you submit work after school then the teachers will look at it and feedback the next morning. (Some children have been submitting work very late and we do understand that this may be when they need too). 


I have attached two documents to the Home Learning Resources page about Cracking Comprehension and a Remote Education: Information for parents. Cracking Comprehension activities will be uploaded throughout next week for the children to complete on Rising Stars. This is an interactive tool that gives feedback and rewards! 


Next week, I am hoping to do assembly via Zoom at 3pm so I will post the link on here so that you can all join. I can't wait to see you all! 


Have a fantastic weekend and a good rest ready to start work again next week! 


Mrs K smiley

Wednesday 13th January

I hope that you are all continuing to keep well smiley

It has been lovely to see the children this week engaging in all the activities that the staff have been creating. We are still finding some things challenging but we are getting there and it has been nice to read the comments that the children have been sending to each other and the teachers. 

We continue to have quite alot of children in school helping to support critical and keyworkers and the numbers continue to rise. Whilst I appreciate that it can be tricky when you are working at home and doing shifts but, we are told that the safest place for your child to be at this moment in time is at home. So, I thank you for keeping them at home when you can. 

Mrs Howard returned to school today and she has made a full recovery - I am delighted that I dont have to do the invoices anymore!! laugh

I am looking into doing assembly either this week or next for everybody to come to via Zoom so if I can get this set up I will let you all know. I have really missed this engagement with our school community and I know that it will be good to be able to see each other. 


Please continue to keep yourselves safe. 

Mrs K 

Monday 11th January

Well what a week we all had last week! 


Firstly I would like to "thank you" all for your support - it has been a challenging first week back.


We have now been working remotely for a few days and the children are working hard through the activities that the staff are planning. (The children of critical and keyworkers are doing the same work, just in the classroom with the teacher.) It has been lovely to see the work that has been uploaded and the feedback from the staff and children has shown that we are still LEARNING, just in a different way. The DfE suggests a minimum of three hours learning everyday and it is great to see that the majority of children are doing this. Please bear in mind that if you are submitting your work in the evening the staff will mark and look at it the following day (they will be busy uploading activities for you at other times!) Google classroom was set up just a few weeks before Christmas and so like you and the children the staff are learning new things all the time. So, please bear with us if something takes a little longer and I am sure we will have ups and downs! 


Please feel free to contact us should there be any issues around submitting  work and we will do our best to help you with this. I am going to look at doing an assembly for us all in the next week or so and will let you know how we can do this. 


I know that the teachers have loved seeing you in the video chats throughout the day and it's really important that we all keep smiling and talking to each other. 


Keep Safe!

Mrs K