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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

With another lockdown well and truly over, Class 3 have been enjoying learning even more. Here is little taste of what we have been up to.


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More Class 3 fun!

Welcome to back Class 3! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Summer break and are now ready to emerge yourselves in some exciting learning. The first week back was a busy one, with lots of assessments, but we still had quite a lot of fun too! Here a few pictures from your first 3 days in Class 3....

Well done for completing your home learning Class 3! I am looking forward to seeing you all back in school in September. Year 4 - I will wave at you from a distance when you are in Class 4! Year 3 - let’s hope next year is not quite so strange. Have a lovely Summer everyone! ๐ŸŒˆโ˜€๏ธ

Home Learning (Week commencing 13/7/20)


I hope you've had another lovely week. Here is some learning for this week. The maths is different this week and should help you to recap what you know. If there is anything you're not sure of, the Summer would be a great time to have a look!

Home Learning (week commencing 6th July)

I hope you have had a lovely week Class 3! Below is your learning for this week. Remember to email me and let me know how you are getting on. 


Home Learning (week commencing 29/6/20)


I hope you’ve enjoyed the sunshine this week! Your learning for next week is below. Remember to practise times tables and read as much as possible! ๐Ÿ˜Š If you fancy completing anything else, have a look at the school home learning page. Also, on Tuesday we will be completing a virtual sports day; feel free to join in and send your photos. 

Home Learning Week Commencing 22nd June 


Hello Class 3, hope you are all safe and well. Just a quick reminder to keep going with your times tables practice !  Don’t forget you can email any updates of work or pictures ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒŸ




This is the second part of a two-week unit defying gravity! Explore poems, stories and movies themed around the air and flying. Find facts and delve into the history of flight. You might possibly end up being blown away!





Home Learning ( Week Commencing 15/6/20



This is the first of a two week unit defying gravity! Explore poems, stories and movies themed around the air and flying. Find facts and delve into the history of flight. You might possibly end up being blown away!
Our Novel before lockdown was the Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. If you have continued to read it, I hope you have enjoyed it! Here is a fantastic BBC film of the story. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚๐ŸŽฌ

BBC's "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" 1988 HD

BBC 1988 "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe". All 6 episodes one after another. Episodes:- Ep.1 - 0:00:00 Ep.2 - 0:29:28 Ep.3 - 0:58:32 Ep.4 - 1:27:31 Ep....

Home Learning ( Week commencing 8/6/20)
English home learning
This week is all about exploring characters from different stories and finding new vocabulary. At the end of the week, decide which character is your favourite!
Year 3 Maths 
Year 4 Maths

Welcome back Class 3! I hope you all had a lovely half term and managed to enjoy the sunshine. It's very weird in school at the moment without you all in it, but I'm sure we will all be back soon enough so make the most of your time at home; play games, make dens and enjoy the great outdoors!


Home Learning (Week commencing 1/6/20)

Your English home learning this week is all about inspirational people; I've attached it below. Also, we've now got access to White Rose Maths, but it will be a little different than before. Below I've attached the worksheets you will need. You can still access the learning videos to go with them here ....


Have a go at them them and remember to let me know how you get on. 


Other Subjects Home Learning (Summer 2)

Below are some ideas for this half term of home learning. Have a look at each sub page to find some activities to complete. Once you’ve completed them either tweet them or send me an e-mail. 

Home Learning (week commencing 18/5/20)

Your home learning challenge for English is above! For maths, I would like you to visit website and practise your timestables every day! If possible, at the end of the week, try to complete the practise multiplication check, take a photo and email it to me with your result. Good luck!

Home Learning (week commencing 11.5.20)

Here is your English home learning for this week! For maths, I've uploaded some arithmetic tests to keep you going for the moment. If you are struggling with any of the questions let me know. Remember, if you need to you can draw symbols or use equipment (you might need to improvise or use money to help £1 = 100, 10p = 10 and 1p = 1) 

Home Learning (week commencing 5/5/20)

Another week at home and another week of learning from home.I hope you are all well.  Above is the link to your English learning for the week. This week is poetry - I can't wait to read some of your own poetry! Please also continue to look at White Rose Maths (the link is in previous week's learning) and please let me know if I can help with anything. 


Extra Challenge

This week marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. I wonder if you can find out what VE Day is and why it is so important. You could even create some art work, poetry or a Powerpoint. 



Home Learning (week commencing Monday 27th April)

Above is the English home learning for this week. I completely understand that it is tricky to do every part of this with your child with people working from home and other  tricky circumstances; they are used to working independently at times. Maybe you could make a short list of what they need to do to complete the task, which will leave you to work from home (or relax)! I would love to know your feedback and know how you're getting on with it. 
Please also continue to look at White Rose maths (same link as last week). Again, please let me know your feedback and how you are getting on. 

Home Learning (week commencing Monday 20th April)

Please find above the English home learning for next week. Make sure you send any work you complete to me and let me know how you get on. If you need any help, make sure you email me. 
Happy Easter Class 3! Enjoy watching your own Easter play! It made me so proud to watch it back again and it made me miss you all very much!  (Imagine what it would be like if we had extra two and a half weeks to practise!) 

Good News (part one)

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Good News (part 2)

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Good News (part 3)

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Good News (part 4)

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Good News (part five)

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Good News (part 6)

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Good News (part 7)

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Good News (part 8)

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Good News (the final part!)

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A little hello from me!

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Maths challenge 18.3.20

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A tester video for your maths challenge.
This week, we explored the Neolithic Stone Age further and made inferences about the past using some of the sources we know about. Mrs. Dewar also challenged us to create our own monument. 
We have enjoyed our second visit from Chas Jacobs this year.
This week Class 3 have been busy exploring different sketching materials. We looked at hatching, cross-hatching and block colour and the different effects we could create. It was very messy, but we loved it!
Welcome to Class 3! I hope you enjoy having a look at what we've been learning. Below are the teachers that will be working in your class this year. 

Mrs Dewar - Class Teacher

Ms. Joynson - Teaching Assistant and P.P.A Cover Teacher

Chas Jacobs

Curriculum Newsletter

Project Homework

Story time - We read the stories we had written to Class 2.

Our Monday morning reading comprehension: following instructions to make a Viking longboat

We created our own Viking Warriors


Making 3D shapes

This week we  will be creating our own Italian restaurant. We started by trying Italian foods.

Class 3 at the library

Reading workshop

Setting up a Roman camp.

Wow! Look at these sunflowers that have been lovingly cared for from our assembly last year!

Making George's Marvellous Medicine!

Our football poems

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The look you get when youโ€™ve finally cracked it.....

Searching for features of poetry.

Even though it was sports week, we still managed to fit in learning the Apostleโ€™s Creed!

We took advantage of the weather and went outside to sketch our community.

We explored the outdoors and the different parts of a flowering plant.

Making Latin American crosses.....

Class 3 created their own Easter art work inspired by David Hockney.

Look at our fabulous writing....

Enjoying Christmas jumper day....

We created pictures and printed in the style of William Morris.

We created our class story about Barney.



Class 3 had an amazing time caving. As well as venturing into 3 caves, we got to learn a little bit about the rocks that form caves and how fossils are formed inside. 

We made bread for our Eucharist celebration party.

We created our own poems and recited them to the class.

Today, Imagining History visited us and taught us how to survive in the Stone Age. We built a tribe and gathered our own food.

Exploring paint

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹We had lots of fun exploring different painting tools. 

We became archaeologists....


Last week we had to search our school for historical artefacts. We found some cave paintings, as well as lots of other unknown items. By asking our own questions we found out about the stone age.

Take a look at our awesome poems based on Macavity, the Mystery Cat by T. S. Eliot

Arrthur the sailing cat

Arrthurs a sailing cat he’s called the pirate claw.

For he’s the pirate captain who can do so much more.

He’s the bafflement of other ships, the conquer of the water.

For when you see an empty ship, Arthur is there!


Arrthur Arrthur always sailing seas,

You hardly ever see him for he’s sailing with the breeze.

Arrthur Arrthur never off the water

For he’s secretly stealing sons and daughters.


Arrthur Arrthur boots as black as coal

Even darker then a black hole

Arrthur is a ginger cat hes tall and fin

Arrthur has a very small chin

Arrthurs head is domed

He loves his whiskers to be combed.


He’s very sharing (they say he’s the best at finding gold)

If you barging him it will never be sold.

Arrthur is tactical,

Also can be practical.

Arrthur loves to be a joker,

Did you know he’s really good at poker?

Arrthur has a crew of five,

They all can beat a bee hive.


Arrthur Arrthur he is best

Everyone knows he’s better than the rest

You know him if you saw him

Because his gold is not slim


If you went on a ship,

be careful you might take a dip.

His sword is sharp as a nail,

Arrthur is not as slow as a snail.


But whenever you see a ship,

Arrthur is there!!!


By Lexi Garrity

Romero the Archaeologist cat

Martha Sowerby

Romero’s an archaeologist cat; he’s called the master digger

For he’s a mini Einstein, his brain is so much bigger

He is super sensible; he always does what he’s told

Even when he’s in a hole, especially digging for gold

You will know him if you see him, for there will always be a breeze

And you will always catch him saying thank you and please


His fur is rough and spiky, he’s a tabby cat

He’s very tall and wide, he is rather fat

His big blue eyes are covered in mud

And when you see him walking you will always hear a thud


He’s confident in maths, [they say he’s the human sum]

And he’s good at music, he can play the drum

He loves going to school, he especially likes homework

He has a lot of friends but sometimes he’s a jerk

He hasn’t got much family but he loves his mum and dad

They are very kind; he has a sibling that is a lad

You will know him if you see him, for there will always be a breeze

And you will always catch him saying thank you and please


Romero, Romero there’s no one like Romero

He’s a handsome clever cat

And on his head he wears a top hat

You will know him if you see him, for there will always be a breeze

And you will always catch him saying thank you and please

We investigated the geography of Carnforth, thinking about its physical and human features, types of building and land use.

Combining our work on the local area with our sketching skills, we've tried to draw the school.

These are some of the sketches we did of objects in the classroom. We were working on our shading to add tone and texture to our pictures.

Today we had our visit to Leighton Moss to look at animal habitats. First of all we went pond dipping and identified the animals we caught. Then after lunch, we explored the nature reserve in an orienteering challenge.

Have a look at what we are doing over the next half term.

Our Easter play 'Good News!'

Class 3 took part in a Walk Through Easter event at Carnforth Congregational Church. We did some great activities and reflected on the meaning of Easter.

As part of our RE week on Welcoming the Stranger we wrote prayers for refugees.

Viking Rune Stones

Our overview for the second half of the Spring Term.

To help us write our own stories, based on Beowulf, we created monsters from modelling clay. We tried to find ambitious words to describe our creatures like muscular and venomous.

After reading the story of Beowulf, we created our own scene to explore the thoughts of the different characters. We had noble kings, brave warriors and downtrodden servants.

The Demon Headmaster

We have been studying the character of the Demon Headmaster. We drew what we thought he looked like based on the story and then wrote character descriptions.

These are some of our exciting sentences.


"His face was white and his cloak black, making him look like a magpie."


"He wears clothes as dark as midnight."


"He was as thin as a pencil."



Class 3 have been learning about Alfred the Great. We have made crowns and created a comic strip. 


Taking part in Radio 2's live lesson

Welcome back! We hope that you had a great Christmas and New Year. This week we have been very busy trying to master the methods of written addition and subtraction. It has been tricky, but we have shown great independence and problem solving skills!

Our Learning Overview

We were visited by Father Christmas.

We finished our Roman theme by making our catapults, designing a Roman fort, painting Gods and Goddesses and making a fact file.




Class 3 enjoyed their trip to Lancaster museum to meet a Roman soldier.

We have been testing different Roman catapults for our Roman Invasion challenge.

Class 3 have created their own descriptive poetry.

We thought about how different art work tells us about the past and created our own gladiator mosaics.

We have painted pictures of St. Therese of Lisieux who inspired Little Way Week.

We have been learning about the Roman Army.

We have been perfecting our balances and travelling using our hands and feet.

Class 3 enjoying their Roald Dahl activities....

Autumn 1 Class 3 overview

Welcome back to school. Class 3 have already been extremely busy learning about our new theme 'Time Travellers' with a focus on The Roman Empire. We started our theme by creating a large class illustration of the story of Romulus and Remus.




Class 3 enjoyed our trip to tesco to learn about what athletes need to eat and drink.

It's a Knockout: capacity!

Class 3 made carnival masks at Carnforth High.

We created our own Rio Carnival music. We thought about the tempo and the texture.

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We made clay houses inspired by Skara Brae as part of our Stone Age theme.

Numeracy through football

Carnival Poetry

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We created our own carnival poetry and performed to the class. Mrs. Dewar and Ms. Joynson were very impressed.