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Welcome to Class 1!

Welcome to Class 1 were we are always busy learning and having lots of fun! 


Our class teacher is Miss Townson and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Entwistle. On Monday afternoons we have Mrs Kendall, who helps us to explore the world around us. We are very lucky to have  our volunteer Annie to help with different jobs in class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday  mornings.



Miss Townson
Mrs Entwistle
Mrs Kendall

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Pick a different activity to do each day. You could pick one you like or use a random number generator to pick one for you.

Email Miss Townson a picture to show her which activities you have completed.


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Home Learning


Home learning packs have been sent home. Having a daily routine may make home learning easier to manage, below you will find a suggested timetable to help give your day a structure while having fun learning and playing together. Find your own approach. Don't worry about recreating school at home. But - if you're looking for ideas there are lots of links below to support your child home. Try to do some form of Phonics and Maths each day. It's important to keep active, so make sure you do some form of exercise daily.


Check the website weekly to see the latest updates and new home learning challenges set by Miss Townson. Keep in touch and share your home learning activities by emailing them to Miss Townson. 


For additional advice on Home Learning activities, please see the Home Learning Page. 



Here you will find work uploaded weekly for you to use at home to continue to support the children's learning. 
Let's start a giant game of eye spy. Each week make a new picture and display it in your window. As you go for a walk for your daily exercise, see how many pictures you can spot. 

Keeping children safe and happy during school closures


Below are links to sites offering resources and guidance about helping children to cope with the change and uncertainty we all face.


As children spend time at home, perhaps with increased access to the internet it's vital that we keep them safe while online.

2018 - 2019

Grizedale Forest

What a wonderful whole school trip we have had at Grizedale forest. We worked together to follow the Zog trail solving the clues and turning the tree bells. We all shared our lunch together then adventured on the park!

We're going on a Bear Hunt!

Today we welcomed the new reception children. We helped them hunt for bears hiding in the school grounds. Afterwards we enjoyed a teddy bear's picnic and listened to a story. 


We have loved creating our Sensory garden this week. The children explored the different smells and textures of the plants and herbs and thought about how we use them in everyday life. We have also planted tomatoes, baby sweetcorn, sweet peas and lettuce which we will use at snack time :) The children are very proud of their hard work and can not wait to eat the lovely things that they have grown.

Diddi Dancers

This week we have had a lovely visit from Diddi dance, the children used ribbons, pom poms,  and different ways of travelling. It was a hit! We hope to enjoy some more of these sessions soon :)

Muddy Puddle Walk

The children have done a fantastic job on their Peppa Pig muddy puddle walk this week! We have raised £146 so far for the great charity Save the Children and our EYFS setting :) Well done class 1, and thank you everyone for your kind sponsors and support.

Zog Adventure

Wow! What a fun aftenoon.....we went on a zog hunt, we had to solve clues which led us to a treat. Chocolate dragon eggs!! After our Zog hunt we enjoyed toasting marshmallows.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Both the reception and Pre-School children loved watching a caterpillar turn into a beautiful Butterfly, The children now know the life cycle of a butterfly.

Look how beautiful they are.

Class 2 joined us while we set our butterflies free.

Bunny Hunt

We enjoyed a Peter Rabbit hunt in the Outdoor area. We made bunny ears and hopped through to the  big tyres, past Mr McGregors garden and counted the carrots and then into the willow. We found Peter rabbit munching on letter carrots! We made a sentence "Peter Rabbit Loves carrots!". We loved playing hide and seek and hiding like bunnies. We even saw a real Flopsy bunny. Lots of fun on our adventure!

Science Day

Another busy week in class 1! 

We took part in our school Science day and we made some time capsules in class 1. We used string to measure how tall we are, made paint hand prints, drew our own self portraits using mirrors and made our own All about me rainbows! We decided we would burry them in our gardens and dig them up in 10 years time!


Shrove Tuesday

This week we have celebrated Shrove Tuesday and had a lovely morning in the hall making our own pancakes!


We followed a set of instructions, designed our perfect pancake and then helped to measure out all the ingredients.


We also thought about our Lenten promises and how we could do that bit extra during Lent. The children created some fantastic sentences and pictures.

Outdoor Fun

The children loved spending Thursday morning with Miss. Shooter.......They got the parachute out and played some games.

After that we finished the weeding and filled all our planters up with soil ready for planting over the next few weeks.

The children worked really well as a team.

Williamson's Park

Yesterday was our trip to the Butterfly House..... We had a super busy but fun day.

This started with a walk up the big hill to the butterfliy house then a tour and a look at all the mini beast.

We were so lucky with the weather that we had our lunch outdoors after lunch we went for a play on the park.....even the teachers joined in.

On the way back to the coach we hunted for more mini of the children even found a dinasaur footprint!


Wow.... What a busy week we have had in EYFS.

We have started cleaning away the weeds and rubbish from our outdoor area ready for planting.

This was a very hard job but the children worked well as a team.....we will continue this again next week.

Also this week we designed and made healthy pizza's which were very yummy.

As you can see lots of fun was had on Winnie the Pooh day from colouring pictures to facepainting.


Tree planting

Wildlife Oasis

The Reception and Pre-School children had a great day at Wildlife Oasis! We saw lots of differents animals and all got the chance to hold and stroke them.

Visit to the Library

Today we visited Carnforth Library and had a story read to her by the Librarian. The children had a great time sharing stories.

Crossing Patrol

Today Mr Lambert, the Lolly Pop Man, came to visit Class 1 to talk about all the things he does to help us safely cross the road. The children asked him questions and they had a go crossing the road safely using our pretend road in our outdoor area. 

A look at Polish Traditions

Today we looked at Polish Traditions and Customs.   Some of our parents helped out sending information and food for us to try. We had a great afternoon.

Wash, Wash, Wash your hands

Today the School Nurse came to visit Class 1. We read a story about washing hands. The nurse put  glitter on our hands and we explored how germs spread.

Healthy Soup

As part of our " All about Me" theme we asked children to make a healthy soup at home abd send in pictures of them making the soup. Oskar made a healthy "Happy Veg Soup". Luckily for us Oskar brought it in to school for us all to try.  It was yummy. 

Healthy Food with Tesco

Today Richard, from Tesco, came to visit Class 1 and talk about healthy food. We talked about who grows their own fruit and vegetables. The children made a fruit face on paper plates and ate it. The children also did fruit prints.

Healthy Snack

We had a healthy breakfast for Snack and Chat today. The children really enjoyed their cereal, yogurt, fruit, orange or milk.

Call for the Doctor

Poor Miss Shooter came to work with spots today. Class 1 made her feel better using our Doctor's Surgery.



Last week we celebrated Roald Dahl day and looked at reading with our school community. Our teachers read their favourite stories and Mrs Leck, from Church, came to read her favourite book. 

On Friday we visited our local library and listened to a funny story told by the librarian. We also shared books together.

Class 1 looked amazing dressed up as Roald Dahl characters and the teachers looked funny too!

We had a cake sale and the money raised will go towards buying some Roald Dahl books for our school.

Nadia's Hands Assembly

On Wednesday we did our class assembly.  We showed the school what we have been learning about for our Islam fortnight. We shared our story of " Nadia's Hands" and talked about showing "Sabr", which is patience. 

Jesus says Good Bye to his Friends Assembly

Today Class 1 did their assembly to the rest of school. Our new Nursery children were amazing and the rest of the school thought we were all fab! Our assembly was all about Jesus saying goodbye to his disciples. The children read out their writing, showed paintings, held up their doves and we sang a "Goodbye" song to finish. 

Stations of the Cross

Today Class 1 reflected on the Stations of the Cross in our doors. We walked the journey Jesus took through the different stations. We drew hearts, wrote sorry on plasters and stuck them onto a cross. We made crosses with branches, looked at the class comfort box and drew around our hands. All of the class were very respectful. 

Palm Sunday

Today Class 1 did a Palm Sunday Assembly for the whole school and parents. The children were amazing retelling the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem and the whole school cheered and sang. 

Getting ready to Celebrate Easter

We made Easter Nests today. We looked at words such as open, pour, mix and unwrap. We added little eggs to our nests.

Sponsored Skip

Today we did our Sponsor Skip along our school track. It was very hard but we had fun!

Sorry Service

Today Father John visited school and helped us with our sorry service.

A Polish Easter

On Wednesday we looked at Polish Easter called Swieconka. One child's mum at our setting sent great pictures of this day and "Smigus Dyngus" (Wet Monday). We looked at the pictures and talked about this special day. Another child's parent sent in an Easter Basket full of foods that would be blessed by the Priest and signify the end of Lent. We looked at this basket and had some Polish cake. We decorated eggs.

The Great Chappati

This week we looked at the story "The Great Chapatti Chase". Chelsea's mum came to Class 1 and showed us how to make Chapattis. Chelsea' mum made us all some lovely warm chapattis to eat. We used the play dough and made our own pretend chapattis by kneading, rolling into a ball and flattening using rolling pins.

Christian Unity Week Visit to Christ Church

As part of Christian Unity Week Class 1 went to visit Father Stephen at Christ Church, Carnforth. The children listened to Father Stephen talk about his role in the church and he showed the children what he wears. The children asked him questions. The children did sketches of objects in church, went on a religious object hunt and took their own pictures using iPads. Some of these are included below! 


The children were all very respectful and well behaved. 

Jesus Helps the Sick Assembly

On Thursday Class 1 did their own assembly about Jesus curing the ill. We thought about all the kind things we can do for the people we love who are poorly. 

Our NEW Mud Kitchen

This week we have been exploring our new mud kitchen. Scarlet's daddy made this for us and we love it! Thank you Alex Benson 

Our Christmas Party

Today the children had a Christmas party and met Father Christmas.

All About Me

Today Chelsea's mum cam to visit Class 1 to talk about their time in India. She shows us photographs and Chelsea sang the Alphabet in Punjabi. 

Belonging Assembly

On Thursday Class 1 did an assembly about "Belonging". The children said a poem and held up a painting of their friend in Class 1. They were fab and their teachers are very proud of them all. 

"Shelter the Homeless"

The children in Class 1 decided that they would help "Roofus" who is homeless. The children wanted to raise money for the homeless and chose to sale cakes. On Monday we made lots of cakes and on Tuesday we sold our cakes with the help of parents providing extra cakes to sell. We made over £60 for the charity "Shelter". 

The Tiger who came to Tea with Bleasdale School

On Friday the children had a visit from a man from Bleasdale House. He told the children all about the story "The Tiger who came to Tea!" The children used props to help him tell the story.  They dressed up as the tiger and made a mess in the kitchen. The children loved it and we can't wait to look at the book further next week. 

G0d's Creation Assembly

On Thursday Class 1 did their first whole school assembly about God's Creation. They were brilliant and we were very proud of them all. 

Dr Judy

Today Doctor Judy came to visit Class 1. She talked about her job and showed us how she looks after her patients. We bandaged each other and had great fun.

Police Van Visit

Today Mrs Callender brought a police van to show the children. We looked inside the van, Mrs Callender showed her uniform and equipment and we tried on her coat and hat.  We looked at the siren lights and listened to it. The children really enjoyed the police visit. Thank you Mrs Callender.

Stations of the Cross

Today we explored the Stations of the Cross on our school field. We walked to each Station and carried out a small task silently and thoughtfully.  The children really understood what it was like to walk "The Way of the Cross" and did some amazing writing back in class.

Looking at Easter with Class 2

Today we looked at Easter and shared our learning with Class 2.  We started by looking at Palm Sunday and The Last Supper.  We made Easter nests, Easter cards, tasted Hot Cross buns, made coats and looked at the Stations of the Cross through symbols.

Crosses from around the World

Today we made Bangladeshi Crosses. We looked at the history of the cross and how the women in  Shorbari village made these to sell so that they could earn money to help the poorer communities. 

Festivals and Celebrations around the World

Today we joined with Class 2 to explore the celebration of Diwali. We looked at a video, we made tea lights, explored Rangoli patterns, made an Indian sweet and looked at features and transport of India through QR codes.  

The Great Chappati Chase

This week we explored the story "The Great Chapatti Chase". The children retold the story and Mrs Saunders came into Class 1 and made chapattis with the children. They really enjoyed them.

Caring for God's World with CAFOD

Today Carol from Cafod  did a Laudato Assembly with the whole school today. Then Class 1 and 2 worked together to explore how we can keep Pope Francis promise to look after God's world. 

Brothers and Sisters

We explored being brothers and sisters with Class 4 today.  We thought about all the people in the world that God made and how we can love and look after them all. We explored symbols and made "Thank you" cards and a large friendship bracelet. 
Today we shared our learning with Class 2. We explored Mardi Gras in different ways. We looked at New Orleans on a map, we made beads using the colours purple, gold and green.  We compared pictures of Mardi Gras from 1857 to the present day. We made instruments that we might play during Carnival time and tasted waffles. 

Shrove Tuesday

This week we shared our learning with Class 2 again and explored Shrove Tuesday.  We had a pancake race, made and ate pancakes, made daffodils for St David's day and took part in a Lenten liturgy. The children had a great time. 

Festivals and Celebrations

This week we began our new topic "Festivals and Celebrations". We joined with Class 2 and explored the Jewish celebration of Yom Kippur which helped us to think about preparing for being a better person and turning our hearts to God as we lead into Lent. The children looked at how Jewish people prepare for this by being good people, fasting and singing a special prayer in the Synagogue.  We played a matching game comparing pictures from the Jewish faith and Christianity.  We tried apples dipped in honey and made our Lenten promises.  The children loved working together and had great fun!

Special places

Carol talked us about refugees. We thought about journeys we have to make and having a special place to feel safe. We made pictures for CAFOD to send to the refugees.

Christian Unity Week - Christ Church Carnforth

As part of Christian Unity week Class 1 visited Christ Church in Carnforth.  They met Father Stephen and asked him questions. We went on a hunt for crosses, candles, Holy water, the font, the altar and statues around the church. We took photos with the ipads and sketched what we saw. We had a great time and we thank Father Stephen for welcoming us. 

Christmas Tree Festival at Carnforth Station

Today we walked down to Carnforth Station and decorated a Christmas Tree. The children made their own glittery baubles and snowmen baubles.

Christmas Carols in the Community

Today the children in Class 1 visited the residents of Hillcroft Nursing Home and sang some Christmas songs. We made oat biscuits for them and made hand print flowers.  The elderly residence loved our singing.

Delivering Food to the Local Food Bank

Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands

Yesterday the School Nurse visited Class 1 to show them how to wash their hands correctly. She read them a story and the children thought about all the times they would need to wash their hands. We looked at how germs spread using glitter. 

Praying the Rosary

Today Class 1 joined the rest of the school to pray with 1 million others  to the Rosary.  Class 4 did a great job explaining all about the Rosary beads and we joined in with the prayers.  We each made a bead for the Rosary with our face on and we joined our beads together to make 1 large school Rosary.

Noah's Ark Assembly

On Thursday the children did an assembly with Mrs Kendall all about Noah. They children made fab animal masks and were brilliant acting and speaking in front of the rest of the school. We are very proud of them all!

Our Visit to St Mary of the Angel's

Today Class 1 and Class 2 visited St Mary of the Angel's Church in Bolton-le-Sands.  We had a little talk by Father John who told us a bit about the history of the church.  We looked at the Sanctuary Lamp and the tabernacle.  We did little tasks in groups which included finding objects in the church such as crosses, candles, the font, pews etc. We did rubbings, took pictures with out iPads and looked for writing around church.  We noticed that the church has 4 altars. 


We had our picnic lunch in the Church hall and walked back to Carnforth in the sunshine. We had a great day and the children were amazing, some even wanted to do the "mile a day"!