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Activity Time

Wednesday 3rd May

Welcome back everyone! This week the children and parents helped to paint our big red bus for our new display!

The children have enjoyed building with the big blocks as well as walking on the stilts.

Wednesday 5th April

Mmmmmm........ This week the children enjoyed making Easter cakes....... the best part was licking the spoon!!

Wednesday 29th March

This week the children really enjoyed having the benches out and were very careful while jumping and landing remembering to bend their knees!

To go with the lovely sunshine we have had we made lovely bright sunshine's, which as you can see were a big hit with the parents!

This week at Activity Time we had lots of fun decorating biscuits to look like our mummy's!!!

I hope all the Mummy's like their Mothers day gifts the children made.

Wednesday 8th March

What a busy day we have had! We have had the ride on`s out which we a big hit, we have had palydoh, stamping and we even made a den.

Some of the children were a big help and did some cleaning away for me! thanks!

Wednesday 1st March

This week some of the children and parents enjoyed getting messy with our cornflour and water!!!

We also enjoyed yummy pancakes!

Wednesday 22nd February


We would like to welcome everyone back and hope you are all well rested after a week off!

This week it was great to see some old faces make a return and we hope to see a lot more of you as we have lots of fun activities planned!

Next week the children will enjoy pancake and a selection of different toppings, so be sure to come along and join in the fun.

Wednesday 1st February

This week The children enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year.

We explored some ice with natural object in.

Wednesday 25th January

This week the children enjoyed making rain clouds and clouds with rainbows.

Come along next week where we will enjoy some Chinese food to celebrate Chinese new year!

A very late Happy new year!

I would like to say a big welcome to all our new parents and their children, we look forward to seeing you again!

Wednesday 17th January

This week we enjoyed painting numbers with our fingers!

We also played with the trains, dolls house and tried some threading which is very tricky!

Take a look at our weather charts! Now we will be able to tell everyone what the weather is like each day!

Over the past few weeks Activity Time has been busy on the run up to Christmas!

Here are a few pictures of our activities.

We have also enjoyed decorating our display board

Wednesday 21st September will be our Christmas party and we shall be having a visit of a very special person!!

Wednesday 16th November

Today was a very wet day but the rain did'nt keep everyone away!!

This weeks number  was 8 and the children enjoyed sticking pasta, rice and buttons on them.

How pretty are our Autumn  tree pictures? 

Wednesday 9th November

This week we welcomed new children parents and grandparents and look forward to welcoming them back foe lots more fun!

This week the children enjoyed firework painting with lots of bright colours.

I would like to Thank all the parents for their feedback and lovely comments!!

It really is appreciated and so nice to hear such lovely things!

Wednesday 26th October

Wow! What a busy day to finish of a busy half term.

Today the children enjoyed making spiders and bats also we  got very  messy  with shaving foam!!! The children loved this!

The children have made some great music with the instruments.

I would like to thank all the parents/careers and their children for their  support throughout this half term and I am looking forward to lots more fun next half term!!

Who knows Santa may even come and join in our fun one day!

Wednesday 19th October

wow! What great fun we have had today!

The children enjoyed painting rainbow fish with celery.

We have had fun playing with the diggers and even had a go at writing numbers!

Wednesday 12th October

What a busy day we have had today at Activity time!!!

We have all missed the little babies that have been coming to Activity Time and are hoping they will be back next week, while they were away  we played with the babies in their area,.

Also this week we have enjoyed den making, potato printing, playing with the cars and also singing row row row your boat!

Wednesday 5th September

Lots of fun was had today making tasty plates full of yummy food!!!

This weeks number was number 4 which was hidden in the sand for the children to find.

A big welcome to our new parents and children.

Wednesday 28th September

This week the little pigs houses were finished and put up ready for the big bad wolf to try and blow down!!!

The children (and parents) enjoyed the home corner were the children made us cups of tea.

Number 3 was our number of the week and we enjoyed making butterflies with the number 3.

Wednesday 28th September

This week in Activity Time we made the Three Little Pig's houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. A big welcome to our new parents who have joined us and we look forward to seeing you next week.