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Let there be Light!

Let there be Light! 1 We made a model of how light travels.
Let there be Light! 2
Let there be Light! 3 We were looking at incident and reflection rays.
Let there be Light! 4 Angle of Incident & Reflection

Ice blast!

Ice blast! 1
Ice blast! 2
Ice blast! 3
Ice blast! 4
Ice blast! 5
Ice blast! 6
Ice blast! 7
Ice blast! 8

Use the Force

Use the Force 1 Unbalances forces
Use the Force 2 Gravity pulls objects to the centre of the Earth
Use the Force 3 Balanced forces
Use the Force 4 Friction
Use the Force 5 Air Resistance
Use the Force 6 Air Resistance

Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks 1 Making Connections
Bright Sparks 2 Lemon Power
Bright Sparks 3 Making Connections

To Infinity and Beyond...

To Infinity and Beyond... 1 We made a scale model of the Sun, Earth and Moon.
To Infinity and Beyond... 2 The Earth is 150 million km from the Sun.

The Human Body

The Human Body 1 Our blood samples
The Human Body 2 Our blood samples
The Human Body 3 Our blood samples